Review Request: Arcana Collective - Atlas Lost, Act 1: The Long Sleep [Progressive Space Rock Opera]

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Atlas Lost, Act 1: The Long Sleep album available for the media


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we are herewith re-sending Arcana Collective's Atlas Lost, Act 1: The Long Sleep album for your review.
You probably have received the album already but we are sending it to you again just in case you missed the mail. If interested in interviewing the band please just get in touch and we'll set everything up for you!

With a narrative spanning multiple albums, Arcana Collective blends sci-fi, mythology, and a study of human action in the face of adversity.
Born from the mind of Calgary-based musician Rogan McAndrews, Arcana Collective marries a range of styles from battering prog riffs to delicate pop hooks into something that is sure to tickle any musical fancy in its ever-expanding world.

You can stream the album here and download it here

The album is available on all digital platforms.

Cover & Tracklist


1. Prelude
2. The Dream
3. The Launch
4. The Long Sleep
5. The Traveler
6. The Longing
7. The Imagining
8. Manhattan Project (Cover)

Line Up for "Atlas Lost, Act 1: The Long Sleep" :

Rogan McAndrews Plays Guitar, Bass, Synths, and Piano
Deyson Thiara Plays Drums
Guest Solos by Erin Cobern (Guitar on “The Longing”),
Charlie Robbins (Guitar on “The Imagining”),
and Nicholas Ibarreta (Alto Sax on “The Launch”, “The Traveler”, and “The Imagining”)
"Reed Alton as “Stratton, The Manipulator” 
Anna Draper as “The Nightmare 1” & “Being of Light”
Rogan McAndrews as “Damian, The Sleeper”
Eissa Zhovnerchuk as “Cassidy, The Dreamer”
Vocaloid Avanna as “Nova, The Traveler”

"The Long Sleep" Lyric Video





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