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"Perfect Equilibrium"
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Dear media partners,

I thought you might be interested in reviewing Story About Illusion's album "Perfect Equilibrium".

The journey of creating "Story About Illusion" is recounted by the mastermind and songwriter of the band. Throughout his life, he had a passion for creating things, which began during his childhood. As a child, he spent hours drawing cartoons in his room while others were playing football. At the age of 15, he discovered his love for music, specifically the drums, and guitar, and was captivated by the Nu Metal and alternative music that dominated the late 90s. Influential bands, such as Korn, System of a Down, The Offspring, and Green Day, had a lasting impact on him and eventually led him to form a band and start songwriting. The ability to translate emotions into chords and melodies opened up a new dimension for him.

You can stream the album here and download it here

The album's digital release date is 03/03/2023.

"Perfect Equilibrium" cover & tracklist


1. Time to Sleep
2. Story About Illusion
3. Echo
4. Automatic Machine
5. No Morality
6. Bury It
7. Paradigm
8. The Apostate
9. The Real Scrooge
10. The world is against me
11. Guardian
12. Obsolete
13. Bandages

Check out the album's teaser here:



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