UK Female-Fronted Rock Band Danama Sign with Epictronic Records for New Album Release

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UK Female-Fronted Rock Band Danama Sign with Epictronic for New Album 'Did you know?' 


Danama, the 4-piece indie-loving rock band formed in 2021, is excited to announce their signing with Epictronic Records for the release of their album, "Did You Know?" on March 24, 2023. The album was produced by Rachel Harney, mixed by Magpie Studios, and mastered by Metropolis Studios.

About the album:
'Did you know?' is all about control over how you, in your own mind, view things in life. Becoming aware of your negative thoughts and the impact they have. The title, Danama... Did you know?!' came from the action of taking control of those negative thoughts and exploring the mind's work in progress to defeat them.
We always find discussing our genre of music tricky as we have influence from so many places. We take inspiration from life experiences and emotions but also the vibes from such a variety of genres. Tommy and James are fans of rock music, Red Hot Chilli Pepper die-hards, and bring
that element into our music. Ben is too, but also comes from a more Jazz focused background which brings a really unique flare to our sound, whereas Rachel takes inspiration from a huge range of artists and is really mood dependent. The pop side of her writing is influenced by the likes of BTS but also Palewaves inspiring her more indie sound.
The mood of this album in particular was drawn from how Rachel felt at the time of writing the songs. The songs towards the end of the album aren't necessarily the newest but are the ones written in a positive, happier state of mind however sit perfectly with the slightly darker songs as they portray feelings as a progression.
If you choose the right mindset you can overcome negative thoughts;
aiming to give people a positive perspective on a feeling everyone can relate to. 'Did you know' is a question to the listener about choosing their own thoughts and how they impact them

Danama's unique sound fuses heavy synths, hard-hitting grooves, contrasting vocals, and bright guitars, resulting in energetic performances and surprising alternative song versions that will make you want to dance and rock out all night long. With upbeat rhythms and a tasteful combination of old and new, Danama's music hits like a modern-day electronic Paramore, as stated by Bridge Music Magazine.
The band, consisting of Rachel Harney, Tommy Brace, Ben Fox, and James Paris, met through Facebook and couldn't get enough of Pale Waves, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Imagine Dragons. Their passion for indie music and alternative culture led them to create a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh, taking listeners on a stroll through the realms of existentialism and the clarity of late-night thinking, as described by VELVET blog.

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'Did you know?' Cover & tracklist


1) Behind our hands
2) Quiet
3) On my skin
4) My blood
5) The devil in me
6) Something new
7) 2 Step
8) What I like
9) Applaud
10) Lemon juice

Signing  Announcement Video


"Lemon Juice" Live Performance Video



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