BALTAVAR Sign with Wormholedeath - New Album "Dark Science" to be Released on March 3rd, 2023.

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Wormholedeath Records Signs Bulgarian Thrash Metal Band "Baltavar"


We are thrilled to announce the signing of Bulgarian thrash metal band "Baltavar" to Wormholedeath record label. The band's new album, "Dark Science," will be released on digital platforms on March 3rd, 2023.

Formed in 2018, "Baltavar" began writing their own style of to-the-point Bulgarian groove thrash metal. Combining dark death metal, groove, and old-school thrash, Baltavar aspires to create a distinctive artistic identity of its own.

"Hello, we are the metal band Baltavar. We are extremely happy to be part of the big family of successful bands, who are working with WormholeDeath Records. We are ready to take you on a journey in our music and together with you create a new chapter of our band's story. Our new and debut album, released by WormholeDeath Records, is coming soon and will give you the opportunity to dive into the dark sciences and look on the other side of our known world."

Baltavar is:
Rumen Kanchev - vocal
Plamen Petkov - solo and rhythm gutar
Emil Boyanov -Bass and Back vocal
Krasimir Ivanov - Drums

Pre-orders for "Dark Science" are available now on digital platforms here: .

"Dark Science" Cover & tracklist


1. The Library
2. Angel's Shadow
3. The Devil's Altar
4. Hunter of souls
5. Burn it all
6. Beautiful
7. Temptation ft. Teodora Stoyanova (Freija)
8. Raven's Destiny
9. My World
10. Shine of Darkness
11. Who are You
12. Burn Boom Fire

Check out "The Devil's Altar" [Lyric Video]


The premiere of "The Devil's Altar" has taken place in  ANTICHRIST Magazine.

Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)




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