Review Request: NOXIUM FERUS - Blasphemicon [Norwegian Horror Metal]

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Dear media partners,

I thought you might be interested in reviewing NOXIUM FERUS's album "Blasphemicon".

Brutally Hurtful, Viciously Harmful, or Ferociously Obnoxious- take your pick!

Noxium Ferus is the Latin form of these descriptions, and the band is completely uncompromising in their musical identity and content. Call it Death metal, call it Black metal, call it extreme metal- it doesn’t matter, it is brutal, and it is any way they want it to be! This Norwegian metal act calls their style “true Norwegian terror metal”, and has the slogan “metal with balls” as a subtitle to their name. Catchy and riff-based, with a more intelligible growling style than most average death metal, they present their audible horrorshow with offensive humor and strong antireligious content. This is not superficial and random, this is deep, dark and from a churchgoer’s view- pure evil. What started out with simple rock'n'roll and thrash metal influences, turned into something much darker and fiercer, under Espen Dyngen’s diabolical guidance and beastly growls.
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You can stream the album here and download it here

The album's digital release date is 10/03/2023.

Cover & Tracklist


1 Blasphemicon
2 Kerethial - cut off from god
3 Make me kill
4 Autokrator
5 IA Pazuzu
6 Live life loveless
7 The conjuration of fire
8 Phallic pride
9 Dickslapped by the Devil
10 Destroyer (Twisted Sister cover)

Cut Off From God [Lyric Video]





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