Review Request: Devil's Whiskey - Historias de Muerte EP [Heavy Rock/Stoner]

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Historias de Muerte EP
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Dear media partners,

I thought you might be interested in reviewing Devil's Whiskey's "Historias de Muerte" EP.

Devil´s Whiskey is the reflection of a sterile, sordid, and violent border between México and the United States of America. Is the terror of disappearing from one side of the wall or ending up jailed on the other. Is sad drunkenness, a joint, a contradiction between a maniac god and a reasoning devil. The singular style of the band has been defined as doom blues, but the band is mainly navigating the vibe of heavy rock and stoner.

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You can stream the album here and download it here

The digital release date is January 27th, 2023.

 "Historias de Muerte" Cover & tracklist


1. A Ritual of Eyes
2. Behind the Hills
3. Black Poison
4. Born in The Dirt
5. Obsidiana
6. Féretro
7. 45

"Historias de Muerte" album teaser



Line up
César Tarellevil Tarello - Vocals and guitars
Fernando Hammerfer Nieto - Drums and percussions
Alex Lozano - Keyboards
Jorge Koke Martínez - Guitars
Robert Petriciolet - Bass guitar

Devil´s Whiskey online



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