The Way Of Purity Reveal New Album Cover And Issue A Severe Statement

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Controversial Hard-Line Vegan Combo The Way Of Purity has announced that the new album is now mixed and mastered.

The record titled “The Order Of The Deep Roots” contains 9 new tracks and establishes the birth of their magic cult with its release.
The aim of the record is solely for propaganda to find members for the cult that have to be Vegan and have an inclination for magic arts and rituals in order to use superior celestial and Qliphotic forces in favour of animals. The approach is therefore even more extreme as the combo has no interest in the market, trends, success or whatever bands look for.

The only aim is to grow the cult with perfect members and help animals to get rid of humanity.
The album features awesome contributions from Ambient/Jazz king Shadowdream and eclectic downtempo Genius Phils Stiles. 

Bass Player Without Name stated: “We reached a point in our career who as a music project only play music for ourselves and we really don’t care about the crowd, sales, success etc like other bands do. We have written this album just to use music as propaganda to gather people around the world with the same vision that we have: the extreme love for animals and nature pushed to the extreme status of Religion. To achieve the best for animals, we will use magic rituals, that we know can reach these superior powers just through magic forces alone. Anybody who is interested can learn more about “The Order Of The Deep Roots” by getting in touch with us.

More info will be released soon.

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