Texas Groove Metal Machines LOW GEAR Sign With Wormholedeath For The Reissue Of "Siktunes Redux"

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WormHoleDeath Records is proud to announce a new partnership with American heavy metal artist LOW GEAR.
Low Gear will be releasing their new album "Siktunes Redux" in 2022. More info coming soon!!

Switching between loud, explosive metal to progressive instrumentation, Low Gear provides listeners with a unique take on the metal genre. The band uses its instrumentation and timed rhetoric to create a certain mood that combines with groove metal elements present throughout. Siktunes Redux is a new production and recording of their 2000 debut album “Siktunes." The new album highlights the band’s progression throughout their more than 20 years of musical iteration.

Cover & Tracklist


1. Lunatic Parade
2. Bloodworm
3. Carnival
4. Hung
5. The Sky Is Falling Down
6. Scab Lab
7. Gut Truck
8. Shooting Jade
9. Mexican Radio
10. It's My Train
11. Generation Sik
12. Slug
13. Chemical Burn
14. You and Me
15. Fathole
16. Shuvpush

Watch 'Chemical Burn' (Official Music Video)



"What we Do?" "Heavy Metal. We're not going for a complicated or technically exhaustive end result. We get loud and break your trance with an aggressive rhythm. We write music you can feel. Its gonna motivate you . Its gonna make you move around. Then its gonna pull you in.
The lyrics are somewhat twisted around the edges, so we have a dark sense of humor, if you dont get it, well your probably wound so tight theres no hope for you anyway. But If you listen, it will resonate that these melodies are sown into the flesh of the music.
The heavy roll out delivers an emotional expression converted to timed interpretations that are built with aggression. Then a warning sign lights up that reads, "ITS ABOUT TO GET LOUD."
We do try to provide a warning disclaimer for our listeners that states: Low Gear Music taken in high doses may cause excessive movement and delusions of grandeur. Also Do Not Take With Milk. And alcohol may intensify what your about to experience.

Formed in 1998, Low Gear have a career spanning more than 20-years during which they have been tuning their unique brand of heavy metal format flush with rich instrumentation and intense metal vocals. The result is a five-piece, limited edition, ensemble that heavy metal listeners everywhere enjoy. Hailing from Dallas, Texas. Low Gear is an internationally recognized band that captures the intricacies of the metal genre while providing a unique international perspective that will sound fresh to overseas listeners.
Originally formed by drummer and sound engineer David Osbourn, the All-Star members consisted of Minister Roach on vocals, Gotti on drums, Mucky on guitar, Sam I Am also on guitar and The Notorious Goat hammering out the bass. The American group reassembled in 2019 following a 10-year hiatus and re-recorded their seminal album with the newest recording technology at Soundbourn Studio in Midlothian, Texas.
Listeners can check out the early released tracks “Mexican Radio” and “Chemical Burn” on a variety of internet music sites, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, iHeart Radio and on YouTube. Also be sure to keep tabs on the tour schedule and upcoming events for Low Gear on their official website or on their Facebook page. And be sure to check out the other amazing metal bands signed to WormHoleDeath Records.


Low Gear are:
Minister Roach: Lead singer, front man, poet, author, instegator.
Gotti: Drums, percussion, beats, sound effects, production, sound engineer, genius.
Mucky: Guitars, 6 string, 7 string, 8 string, 9 string, mastermind.
The Notorious Goat: Bass guitars, big fingers, heavy drinker.
Sam I am: Guitars, big ideas, friendly/volitile, media commentator.





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