DRUNKEN CROCODILES Announce New Line-Up & Drop New Video "The Monk"

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Line-Up change for DRUNKEN CROCODILES, and release of the new video "The Monk".


One year after the release of Drunken Crocodiles' debut album "OUT OF BARREL" the Stoner Sludge Metal band from Parma have released a Lyric Video for one of the album's most popular tracks. "The Monk," as the title suggests the song speaks about the 1963 immolation of Buddhist monk "Thch Qung c."

Watch the video :


Along with the video release, the band's new Line-Up is announced.

Elia Borelli, bass player, singer and founder of DRUNKEN CROCODILES:

"It is a great pleasure to welcome Federico Pardini (Down In The Delta) and Simone Silvestre (Thedus) to the crocodile family. They are guys dedicated to the project, in which they immediately invested a lot of energy and beautiful ideas.
It is a real pleasure to find new lights after such a strange and slowed down last period.

Unfortunately, during the covid stop period, the differences of intention and dedication between me, and my historical partners Ivan Marchettini and Emanuele Mollica, became more and more intense, to the point of compromising the beautiful relationship that has always existed between us.
We have played together for years, and shared many nights of bullshit, laughter and beautiful experiences. Overcome difficult moments both private and as a band, but we have always remained attached to this friendship/work relationship. Lately this was no longer the case, the differences were always greater so with sincerity and respect, we have decided to part our ways.
I clearly wish the best at both of them. The band relationship has stopped, not the friendship. Those who play and have a band know what it means to lose musicians after years, so they can understand the very shit moment you are going through.

After a period of searching for new crocodiles, the choice was finally made on Federico and Simone. With this new lineup, we immediately got to work on new riffs and figuring out our new artistic direction. The new members' various musical inspirations were immediately apparent, and the planned sound is evolving into a fantastic Stoner Rock / Heavy Psych timbre.
The second album is finally moving forward at full speed, and we are optimistic that we will be able to release it in 2023.

We'll be ready and loaded for this spring, and we'll be ready to bite the stages with the same ferocity that has always defined DRUNKEN CROCODILES.

Keep an eye out for more updates, and in the meantime, enjoy "The Monk"... CHEERS.




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