Aussie Armageddon Hard Rockers GUTTERFIRE! Sign With Wormholedeath For The Reissue Of "Chill" Album

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Brisbane based Armageddon Hard Rock band GUTTERFIRE! have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of their album "Chill", which is due for re-release on March 4th, 2022.

Speaking of the upcoming release and the signement, the band explain, "The GUTTERFIRE! Camp is incredibly pleased to be signing with Wormholedeath. We made them work for our trust, but work for it they did and we’re moving into this arrangement with confidence and excitement about what the future now holds. Carlo and team are all about the artists, and their genuine enthusiasm for what we’re going to do together is palpable and contagious.
We do everything we can to be the hardest working band around and this album ‘Chill’ was no exception, so to have Wormholedeath represent it internationally is exactly the right fit. From the moment we began writing it, the way in which our wildly different influences (from Smashing Pumpkins, to Queens Of The Stone Age, to Converge) somehow stitched together perfectly became immediately apparent. This afforded us the opportunity to explore a diverse range of ideas, but with the connective tissue of doom, desert rock and metal influences (such as Kyuss, Red Fang, Sleep & Machine Head) that we all share.
We were also fortunate enough to find Brock Weston as our producer, who got us in a way few do, and was able to help us tie all of that chaos into a cohesive album. We also lucked onto Michael Lynch, who after two test tracks, went away and mastered the whole album perfectly. It shouldn’t work but it does. We’re immensely proud of it and can’t wait for it to make its way around the world via the Wormholedeath team, who we’re confident also understand this beast. Chill is a diverse musical journey reflecting the “end of days” vibe the whole world is feeling right now, as accentuated via our mascot “The Doomcock” who graces the front cover."

Cover & Tracklist


01. Jack O' The Leaves
02. Chill
03. This Is Fine
04. I'll Be Along
05. Justice
06. Recovery
07. Shit bag
08. Rhythm
09. Bon Fire
10. Eyes Up


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"Upbeat doom" is a difficult term to use in a sentence, but it's the kind of enthusiastic punter description that Brisbane hard rock outfit GUTTERFIRE! have in spades, given the diverse sonic beast they've built on top of that foundation. Having kicked off as a band in 2018 to a lightning fast rise in the local scene and an even bigger 2019, they've survived the year that never happened, sailed into 2021 with the release of their debut album Chill, and have set their sights on the rest of the world as we know it! With six singles out to date, tours in the works, and a powerful desire to take this show to the people, 2022 is set to be their best year yet.
GUTTERFIRE! recent shows supporting:
SixftHick, Electric Mary, Astrodeath, The Black Swamp, Dr Colossus, Hammers, Black Rheno, The Wrath, These For Walls, and many more!


Band members
Photon Jon - Vocals
Az Stonely – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Shaun Belcher - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Clay Dadson - Drums and Backing Vocals
Michael Stevenson - Bass and Backing Vocals






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