French Ambient/Groove Metal Band MIND IMPERIUM Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce "Nemesis" Album

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MIND IMPERIUM have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album "Nemesis", which will be released on March 25th, 2022 worldwide.
Hailing from France, MIND IMPERIUM are a groove metal band in which powerful groove riffs blend with dark and melancholic tunes.

Band presentation : THE POINT OF NO RETURN

Loss begets emptiness.
An infinite void feeding on our hopes, leaving only broken dreams and a growing sadness in its wake.
As emptiness spreads like a disease in our mind, it reminds us that our existence is futile, that time will consume all things in the end, leaving an everlasting nothingness.
NEMESIS portrays our unspeakable despair, but goes further. It is the unheard scream of our oceans stripped of all life by the hand of men, the bloodstained ashes of our forests whose life is burning away, the cub bereft of its mother’s warmth, the father without a son.
It is the incarnation of a declining world.
From this despair, we draw an endless strength and our desire for revenge.
We are Nemesis.

Cover & Tracklist


1.Spirits of the Dead
2.Divine Offering
3.Screaming Out Your Name
4.Burning Embers
5.Entangled in the Void


MIND IMPERIUM is an ambient groove metal band from France, with Nogh (ex-OBNOXIOUS, DEATH OF A DRYAD) on lead vocals and guitars, Carol (ex-NECROBLASPHEME, DEATH OF A DRYAD) on bass guitar and backing vocals and Fabien (PAICAN) on drums and backing vocals.
MIND IMPERIUM story begins in late 2013, with a concept to create a groove metal band in which powerful groove riffs would blend with dark and melancholic ambiences.
The band releases its first EP – Amongst the Ruins – the same year, under the name My Imperium. Well-received by the public and the press, this first attempt allows them to play live extensively.
In 2016, after a few lineup changes and a small hiatus while Nogh and Carol focus on other musical projects and the development of the associative label Dark Faery Records, the band resumes its live activities and starts working on a full-length album. This project is inspired by artists from 19th century like Poe, Lovecraft or Chambers, but also from the works of Freud and Jung. Consequently, My Imperium becomes MIND IMPERIUM, a name more fitting to the band’s unique universe.
In 2018, they release their first LP, « Way To Carcosa », recorded at VAMACARA STUDIO. It explores the diversity of emotions bred by the human mind when confronted with loss, whether it be symbolical or real. It also reflects MIND IMPERIUM sustained engagement in the environmental cause, relating the album theme to damages done by manking to the living world. In partnership with SEA SHEPHERD, the band releases a music video for their song A WAR WITHOUT END, to condemn the Grindadráp.
Right after their album’s release, MIND IMPERIUM goes on tour in France and Belgium with their friends from AEON PATRONIST, in support of both bands latest work.
The band continues touring until COVID hits, and spend the end of 2020 bringing NEMESIS to life. Its recording takes place in Spring 2021 at TIDALWAVE STUDIO.


Nicolas Galliot – guitars / lead vocals
Carol Demessieux – bass guitars / backing vocals
Fabien Trotel – drums – backing vocals




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