Refugee Torchlight Newsletter

Refugee Torchlight Newsletter

A Newsletter of the Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC)
IDPs in Munyenge Village, South West Region, Cameroon Photo credit: REWAC 2018

 IDPs in Munyenge Village, South West Region of Cameroon

Photo: REWAC 2018

17th, February 2019


Refugee Rights Are Human Rights!!

Welcome to the first edition of the Refugee Torchlight Newsletter, a forum for news, information and discussions about immigration,refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and statelessness around the world. We hope that this newsletter will serve as a platform to foster public debates regarding the best strategies in addressing the global refugee crisis.

For the most part, this newsletter will include news published by media and organizations engaged in the promotion, protection and the enforcement of the rights of these vulnerable groups of people. Furthermore, it will highlight the work of our young but ambitious refugee rights organization for greater visibility to the needs of Cameroon's refugee community. Our goal is to provide relevant and current information. We urge you to subscribe and spread this email to those interested in the protection of the rights of refugees.

In this Edition

Saudi woman fleeing family flies to Canada after gaining asylum

An 18-year-old Saudi woman who said she was abused by her family and feared for her life if deported back home has left Thailand for Canada, which has granted her asylum, officials said

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Briefing: Nigerians seek safety in Cameroon as Boko Haram crisis escalates

A wave of increasingly sophisticated militant attacks in northeastern Nigeria has forced almost 60,000 people to flee since November, the largest number for more

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Top 10 Migration Issues of 2018

Amid rising public skepticism and outright opposition to migration in a number of countries, 2018 was marked by a turn to harder policies in the United States and parts of Europe

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