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Rule 205 Change of Players

In the course of making a substitution, while play is in progress, the player entering the game is accidentally struck by the puck while the retiring player is still on the ice. Has an infraction of the rules occurred?

No. Rule Reference 205(b).

If the puck accidentally strikes either player in the process of a change, play must continue without a penalty, provided that the player who was struck by the puck makes no attempt to play the puck until the player change is complete.


Rule 408 Delayed Penalties

Team A is short-handed by reason of three minor penalties to different players. As play continues, the first penalty expires; however, this player cannot go onto the ice until the next stoppage. If the second penalty also expires, which player, if any, returns to the ice before a stoppage?

The first player whose penalty expires returns to the ice. Rule Reference 408(b).

When two of the three penalties have expired, the team is entitled to have an additional player on the ice. The players return to the ice in the order that their penalties expire.

If the third penalty now expires without a stoppage of play, the second penalized player is allowed to return to the ice as the team is now entitled to be at full strength. In this instance, the third penalized player will wait until the stoppage of play to return.


Rule 639 Tripping

A defending player leaves his feet and slides into the puck carrier. The defending player gains possession of the puck and the attacking player falls to the ice after being hit by the defending player’s body. Should a penalty be assessed?

Yes. Rule Reference 639(Note 3 & a).

When a player leaves his feet and slides into an opponent, thereby causing him to fall, a penalty for tripping must be called regardless of who gains possession of the puck. The only exception is when a player drops to his knees to block a shot and his momentum carries him into the player shooting the puck, causing him to fall. In that event, no penalty is to be assessed.

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