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Rule 304 Protective Equipment

Is it legal for a player to skate with his jersey tucked into his pants?

Yes. Rule References 304(g) and 203(b).

Although Rule 304(g) states that all protective equipment must be worn in the manner in which it is intended, the jersey is not considered protective equipment. In youth hockey, it may be difficult for a team to have proper sizes for all of the players and as long as the identifying number is visible, the official should not make this a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Rule 502 Referee

Does the Referee have the authority to prohibit teams from proceeding through the “hand shake” line following an unusually rough or chippy game?

Yes. Rule Reference 502(a).

The Referee is charged with the general supervision of the game. It is well within his authority to prohibit this common practice of a “hand shake” line in the event that he feels a problem may arise if the teams are allowed to shake hands. The safety of the players and preventative measures should be the priority.

Rule 605 Broken Stick

A player of Team A breaks his stick and takes a replacement stick offered him by a Team B player serving a penalty on the penalty bench. What penalties, if any, are assessed?

The offending player would be assessed a minor penalty for an equipment violation. Rule Reference 605(b).

No penalty is assessed to the player who handed the stick to the opponent, unless he threw the stick onto the ice, in which case the bench minor penalty to his team is assessed while the player receiving the stick is assessed the minor penalty for an equipment violation.

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