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Rule 630 Off-Sides

An attacking player straddling the attacking blue line receives a pass on his stick in the Neutral Zone. He then brings the skate which was in the Neutral Zone over the line while the puck is still on his stick in the Neutral Zone. He then pulls the puck over the blue line. Is he off-side?

No. Rule Reference 630(b).

As long as the player receiving the pass has possession and control of the puck while at least one skate is in contact with the Neutral Zone, he can legally precede the puck into the Attacking Zone while he maintains possession and control.

Rule 618 Handling Puck with Hands

What guidelines should be followed in allowing a player to catch the puck and immediately drop it?

The motion of catching, then dropping the puck, must be virtually one continuous motion. Rule Reference 618(a).

Provided the player catches the puck and drops it to his stick in one continuous motion, play should be allowed to continue.

However, if he holds the puck for any length of time, takes one or two strides with the puck, throws the puck to an area away from his stick or fakes the drop to avoid an opposing player, play shall be stopped and a last play face-off occurs.

Rule 614 Falling on Puck

The puck is in the goal crease. A defending player, lying on the ice outside of the crease, places his hand on the puck and pulls it out of the crease and into his body, thereby causing a stoppage of play. Does this situation call for a penalty shot?

Yes. Rule Reference 614(b).

The location of the puck at the instant it is covered or held is the determining factor as to whether or not a penalty shot is to be awarded. If the player bats the puck out of the crease and into his body, only a minor penalty would be assessed to the player so doing.

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