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Spring has sprung, and we're in the final stretch. Rule knowledge is more important than ever as we get into playoffs, take an extra few minutes to review!

Reminder: all officials must complete all of their 20/21 requirements prior to March 24, 2021

Rule 615 Fighting

Two players on the same team become involved in a fight with each other during a game. What penalties, if any, shall be assessed?

If the fight occurs on the ice, both players shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty and the offending team shall be assessed a bench minor penalty for Delaying the Game. If the fight occurs off the ice, both players shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty. Rule References 615(a & b) and 610(h).

It is not feasible to assess the two players each a major and a game misconduct penalty, because the team would have to play short-handed by two players for five minutes. Likewise, a “first to intervene” penalty would not apply to a player on the same team who attempts to break up the fight.

Rule 621 High Sticks

A player has his stick blade above the height of the shoulders. The puck strikes the butt-end of the stick, which is below the height of the shoulder, and goes into the goal. Should the goal be allowed?

No. Rule Reference 621(c).

When any part of the stick is carried above the shoulders, the entire stick is considered to be high. Therefore, in this case, no goal can be allowed and the ensuing face-off is held at a Defending Zone face-off spot of the offending team.


Rule 630 Off-Sides

If the players’ bench has a door opening in the Attacking Zone, may a player entering from this door be considered on-side if the puck enters the zone after he steps onto the ice?

No. Rule Reference 630(a).

Such a player must be ruled off-side if the puck crosses the line while he is entering or leaving the ice and has at least one skate in contact with the ice surface at the time. Any player entering from the bench area into the Attacking Zone is considered as any other attacking player on the ice for the purposes of off-sides.

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