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Focus On the Face-Off - Bonus Edition

The Referee stops play and assesses minor penalties on one player of each team. If the stoppage takes place in the Attacking Zone of Team A, where is the ensuing face-off?

At the nearest face-off spot in the zone where the puck was last played, within face-off location rules. Rule Reference 612(b).

Because both infractions occurred during the play and were committed by both teams, a last play face-off occurs.


During the second period, a player in his defending zone attempts to pass the puck to a teammate in the neutral zone. The puck strikes the glove of an opponent who, while seated on his players’ bench, has a glove resting on top of the boards inside the blue line. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot. Rule Reference 612(c).

The stoppage was caused by an attacking player on the bench. If the Referee had deemed the action to be deliberate, he may assess a minor penalty for interference.


Which team’s center must place the stick first on the ice for any face-off conducted at the center ice face-off spot?

The visiting team’s center must place the stick on the ice first. Rule Reference 613(a).

In all face-offs not conducted along the center red line, the attacking team’s center must be the first to place the stick on the ice.


May a player have his stick between the hash marks that are meant to separate him from his opponent during a face-off?

No. Rule Reference 613(b).

Both players must be completely behind their respective hash marks. This includes all sticks and all skates.

Should a Linesman allow a player not taking the face-off to be in motion, and not in a stationary position?

Yes. Rule Reference 613(b).

A player not taking the face-off may be moving, provided he is outside the circle and on-side.

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