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Rule 402 Minor Penalties

Team A is short-handed by one minor penalty. With play in progress, the Referee signals another minor penalty on Team A. Before play is stopped, Team B scores. Which penalties, if any, are washed out because of the goal?

The minor penalty being served is terminated and the delayed penalty is assessed in the normal manner. Rule References 402(c) and Rule 409(b).

Only one minor penalty is terminated as the result of a goal being scored.


Rule 605 Broken Stick

What does the word “participate” mean in reference to a player who participates in play with a broken stick?

“Participate” shall mean playing or attempting to play the puck, body-checking or attempting to body-check an opponent, or continuing any action that directly affects the play. Rule Reference 605(a).

A player may carry a broken stick to his players’ bench only if he is in the immediate vicinity of the bench, is completely out of the play and does so immediately upon breaking the stick.

Rule 612 Face-Off Locations

A stoppage of play in the Defending Zone was caused by a defending player and the Official assessed the defending team a penalty. Subsequently, during the same stoppage of play, an attacking player is assessed a penalty. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot. Rule Reference 612(c).

The stoppage of play was not caused by the actions of players from both teams for the purpose of establishing a last play face-off. The penalty by the attacking player causes the face- off to occur at the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot.

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