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Rule 629 Leaving the Players’ Bench or Penalty Bench

A Coach goes on the ice during the game to protest an Official’s decision. What penalty must be assessed?

A bench minor and game misconduct penalty. Rule Reference 629(d).

The Referee is given the option of imposing either or both penalties, depending on the severity of the incident. However, in all cases where a Team Official comes onto the ice during a period to protest a decision, both penalties must be assessed. Should the Coach continue the protest and refuse to leave the ice, he shall also be subject to a match penalty under Rule Reference 601(f.3).

Rule 205 Change of Players

If a player on the penalty bench remains there after the expiration of his penalty (while his team is entitled to return to full strength), may his team place another skater on the ice as long as the originally penalized player remains on the penalty bench?

No. Rule Reference 205(f).

A team may replace the penalized player only after he has left the penalty bench by way of the ice and returned to his players’ bench. If he elects to remain on the penalty bench, either by intent or error, the team must continue to skate short-handed until the player returns to the ice. For a violation of this rule, a bench minor penalty must be assessed to the offending team.

Rule 624 Icing the Puck

The puck is shot from behind the center red line and continues toward the opposing team’s goal line. An opposing player starts moving toward the puck but then turns away before the puck crosses the goal line. Is icing still in effect?

No. Rule Reference 624(b.5).

The opposing team must make every effort to play the puck before it crosses the goal line. Should the Official feel as though the opposing team, other than the goalkeeper, was able to play the puck, icing shall be nullified.


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