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Rule 640 Unnecessary Roughness (Roughing)

What degree of force is needed in order to assess a penalty for making avoidable physical contact with an opponent after the whistle?

No force is needed. Rule Reference 640(c).

The key is avoidable and unnecessary contact, regardless as to how much force is used. There is no purpose for making any deliberate contact with the opponent during a stoppage of play and this action must be penalized strictly.


Rule 206 Injured Players

A penalized player is injured and is unable to take his proper place on the penalty bench. The team places a substitute on the penalty bench for the injured player and prior to the penalty expiring, the injured player recovers and returns to participate in play. What penalty, if any, should be assessed?

Bench minor penalty for illegal substitution. Rule Reference 206(d).

As soon as the injured player is able to replace the substitute on the penalty bench, he must do so at the first stoppage of play. The returning injured player or substitute must return to the game from the penalty bench.

Rule 631 Puck Out of Bounds or Unplayable

A player in his defending zone attempts to pass the puck to a teammate in the neutral zone. The puck strikes an opponent who is seated on his players’ bench, completely off the playing area. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At the nearest face-off spot in the same zone from where the puck was shot. Rule References 631(a) and 612(b).

The player shooting the puck caused the stoppage of play, regardless of which bench the puck entered. The players’ benches are not part of the playing area.

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