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Rule 616 Fouled from Behind

With the opposing goalkeeper on the ice, a player in his Attacking Zone has a breakaway and is fouled from behind. He gets up and takes an unimpeded shot on the goal. Should a penalty shot be awarded?

No. Rule Reference 616(a).

The player, once he regains possession and control of the puck, has not been denied a reasonable scoring opportunity. A minor penalty is the correct call in this situation.

Rule 401 Penalties

An Official blows his whistle to stop play. The players around the puck do not hear the whistle and the play continues. During this time, a player commits an infraction that calls for a minor penalty. Should the Referee assess the penalty even though play was supposed to have stopped prior to the infraction?

Yes. Rule Reference 401(a Note 1).

The penalty must be assessed even though the play has technically ended. Penalties that occur during stoppages of play must be called as if they actually occurred during normal playing time.

Rule 621 High Sticks

Must contact with an opponent occur in order for the Referee to assess a penalty for high sticking?

No. Rule Reference 621(a).

It is not a requirement that a stick make contact above shoulder height for high sticking to be called. Whenever a player raises his stick above his shoulders in an attempt to intimidate an opponent or is careless in his actions, high sticking must be called.

Note: this is also true for slashing

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