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Rule 408 Delayed Penalties

Team A has three players on the penalty bench serving non- coincident minor penalties. When the minor penalty to the first player expires, the Penalty Timekeeper erroneously allows him to go onto the ice. Play continues for 20 seconds at which time Team A scores. What procedure should the Referee follow when he becomes aware of the situation prior to the ensuing face-off?

The Referee must disallow the goal and leave all penalty and game times unchanged. Rule References 408(b) and 629(b & c).

Even though this situation is a Timekeeper’s error, the clock cannot be reset due to an inadvertent penalty expiration error. To help prevent this situation from occurring,. The officials should communicate clearly with the Off-Ice Officials to make them aware of potential scenarios and also be aware
of when time expires in order to respond with corrective measures if an error is made.

Rule 624 Icing the Puck

Play is stopped in error for an icing infraction. Where is the face-off?

At the nearest end zone face-off spot with respect to the location of the puck when it crossed the goal line. Rule Reference 624(c).

The puck should have been “live” behind the goal line, thus the face-off now takes place in that zone.

Rule 630 Off-Sides

The puck is shot directly on goal by an attacking player in the Neutral Zone with a teammate in the Attacking Zone (non-intentional situation). Should the Linesman allow play to continue under the delayed off-side rule?

No. Rule Reference 630(d.3).

As soon as the Linesman is aware that the puck will not be intercepted by a defending player before it reaches the goal and/or goalkeeper, he must stop play immediately due to the off-side (last play face-off).

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