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Rule 624 Icing the Puck

With one second remaining in a penalty to Team A, a Team A player ices the puck. By the time the puck crosses the goal line, Team A is back at full strength. Is this an icing situation (for Adults [male and female], High School and Youth/Girls’ 16 and Under age classifications and above only)?

No. Rule Reference 624(b.1).

In those classifications that allow for a shorthanded team to legally ice the puck, icing is determined the instant the puck is shot and leaves the stick blade of the shooter and not at the instant the puck completely crosses the goal line.


Rule 406 Penalty Shot

On a penalty shot attempt, the player, after touching the puck at center ice, loses control of the puck. This forces him to go back and retrieve the puck which is still in motion towards the opponent’s goal line. Should the shot be terminated at this point?

No. As long as the puck continues in motion toward the opponent’s goal line, the player may go back to retrieve it. Rule Reference 406(c).

However, once the puck is touched by the player taking the shot, if possession and control is lost and it travels toward the opposite goal or comes to a stop, the Referee shall have no alternative but to terminate the penalty shot attempt.


Rule 613 Face-Off Procedures

Should a Linesman allow a player not taking the face-off to be in motion, and not in a stationary position?

Yes. Rule Reference 613(b).

A player not taking the face-off may be moving, provided he is outside the circle and on-side.

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