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Rule 615 Fighting

A player becomes involved in several altercations during the same stoppage of play. Can he be assessed more than one game misconduct penalty?

Yes. Rule Reference 615.

Provided the player has violated different sections of the rule that calls for the assessment of a game misconduct penalty, multiple game misconducts should be assessed.
The player would also be subject to Supplementary Discipline based on the game report filed by the officials.

**NOTE** A Game Report filed in the USAHockey game report system is required here, reporting the incident (or any incident) via Horizon will not go to the proper authorities. File the game report in the USAHockey system and then use the email a copy feature to send to the assignor.   

Rule 401 Penalties

A player (Youth, Girls’ or High School) is assessed a minor plus a misconduct penalty. Does this infraction count as one or two penalties toward the cumulative penalty rule?

Two. Rule Reference 401(b).

Even though there has been only one infraction of the rules, there are two penalties assessed for this infraction that both count towards the cumulative penalty rule.

Rule 624 Icing the Puck

The puck is shot from behind the center red line and continues toward the opposing team’s goal line. An opposing player starts moving toward the puck but then turns away before the puck crosses the goal line. Is icing still in effect?

No. Rule Reference 624(b.5).

The opposing team must make every effort to play the puck before it crosses the goal line. Should the Official feel as though the opposing team, other than the goalkeeper, was able to play the puck, icing shall be nullified.

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