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Rule 201 Composition of Teams

During the course of the game the referee is notified that Players or Team Officials that have received a previous suspension are participating in the game. These players did not sit out or fulfill their obligated suspension time. Should the referee penalize the offending team?

No. Rule Reference 201(c).

The referee may not be aware of the time period that has taken place between games and therefore cannot enforce suspensions to Players or Team Officials. The referee is required to report the incident to the proper authorities for further review.


Rule 304 Protective Equipment

Shall the Referee assess a misconduct penalty to a player who participates in play with his helmet strap fastened, but loose enough as to be deemed not in the manner in which it was intended?

The Referee would direct the player off the ice and warn the team. Rule References 304(c) and 304(g).

The helmet strap is intended to be worn with one finger width between the strap and the chin. If worn improperly, the player must be ruled off the ice until corrected and the team is issued their warning. For a subsequent violation by any player on the same team, a misconduct penalty is assessed.


Rule 402 Minor Penalties

A Team B player is fouled from behind and the Referee deems that the infraction warrants a penalty shot. Play is stopped when a Team B player commits a minor penalty infraction. What are Team B’s options?

Team B may elect to 1) choose the penalty shot or 2) choose the optional minor penalty. Rule References 402(f) and 406(a).

If Team B chooses the penalty shot they will play shorthanded by one player upon the completion of the shot. If they elect to accept the optional minor penalty in lieu of the penalty shot, the coincident minor penalty rule applies and the on-ice numerical strength is unchanged.

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