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630 - Offsides

May a goal ever be allowed during the course of a delayed offside?

No. Rule Reference 630(d.3).

The attacking team caused the puck to enter the end attacking zone illegally, therefore no goal may be scored
from a direct shot on goal. Even if the defending team shoots, passes or deflects the puck into its own goal, a goal may not be allowed. This is also true in cases where the attacking team has nullified the delayed off-sides by clearing the zone prior to the puck entering the goal. The Official responsible for the call at the blue line should stop play immediately for the off-sides once it is determined the puck is shot on goal.

623 - Hooking

An attacking player is skating toward his opponent’s goal, preparing to release a shot on goal. Just as he releases the shot he is hooked from behind and falls to the ice. The Referee does not signal a penalty infraction and, at the next stoppage, explains that the player got a good shot off, thus no penalty was assessed. Was the Referee correct in this interpretation?

No. Rule Reference 623(a).

Provided the player was impeded as a result of the hooking action, a penalty must be assessed. Even though a shot was attempted, that shot may not have had the same effectiveness that it would have if the hooking did not occur, so a competitive advantage was gained as a result of the hook.

201 - Composition of Teams

A team arrives with only five players, but is willing to play the entire game short-handed. Should the game be played?

No. Rule Reference 201(a).

A team is defined as having six players. If a team cannot put six players on the ice at the start of the game, it is not considered a “team” and must forfeit the game to its opponent.

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