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We all have so much to be thankful for! Sending you and your family a harvest of blessings this Thanksgiving.


Reminder - Face-coverings are required to be worn properly by ALL participants at ALL times
ALL participants mean players, coaches, officials, timekeeper
ALL the time means ALL the time - on the bench, on the ice, in the penalty box.. ALL the time
PROPERLY means it covers the mouth and nose

YOU are responsible for what happens inside the glass (including the penalty box), Coaches are responsible for the bench, HOWEVER, if the coach does not manage the bench, YOU need to manage it for them.

Guidance from MA Hockey is here: https://www.mahockey.org/news_article/show/1132487

Returning officials - you have 8 days to complete your requirements and have the new crest on your sweater!


601 Abuse of Officials and Other Misconduct

Keeping it simple this week. Zero Tolerance, abuse should not be tolerated!

Proper application and enforcement of Rule 601 by officials is necessary to properly address unsportsmanlike behavior and hold those involved accountable for their actions.

Communication with your partner is key, if you need to speak with a coach about behaviour, make sure you also communicate with your partner, we need to have a united front. If you need to remove a coach from a game, remember to follow the proper procedure. Warn the bench, assess a bench minor penalty and then assess the Game Misconduct to the coach, and make sure you skate away. Do NOT allow any further engagement by the coach.

A few tricks to help determine if a coach has crossed the line,
1) Reverse the roles, can you speak to the coach using the same words as the coach used on you?
2) If you can't or won't speak to your child, parent, sibling, best friend using that same language
3)Can you speak to a player at the bench using the same language as the coach used in speaking to you?
then the coach has crossed the line and should be penalized.

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