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Reminder - Face-coverings are required to be worn properly by ALL participants at ALL times
ALL participants mean players, coaches, officials, timekeeper
ALL the time means ALL the time - on the bench, on the ice, in the penalty box.. ALL the time
PROPERLY means it covers the mouth and nose

YOU are responsible for what happens inside the glass (including the penalty box), Coaches are responsible for the bench, HOWEVER, if the coach does not manage the bench, YOU need to manage it for them.

Guidance from MA Hockey is here: https://www.mahockey.org/news_article/show/1132487

Returning officials - you have 15 days to complete your requirements and have the new crest on your sweater!

601 Abuse of Officials and Other Misconduct

The Referee hears a coach instructing his player to “get” an opponent, interpreted as intentionally fouling the opponent for purposes of intimidation or physical harm. May the Referee assess a Match penalty?

Yes. Rule References 601(f.2 and f.3).

This may be interpreted as threatening the opponent, even though there is no threat made directly to the opponent.

Note that this applies only if directed toward an opponent. There is no provision under this rule for a coach who threatens his own player.
In either case, a written report to the Proper Authorities is a must.

203 Players in Uniform

A youth classification player who is not listed on the game scoresheet arrives at the arena while the game is in progress. Can his name be added to the scoresheet, thus allowing him to play?

Yes, provided the team has not exceeded the number of allowable players or goalkeepers already listed on the scoresheet. Rule Reference 203(a).

No player can be subtracted from the scoresheet to make room for the added player and one bench minor penalty is assessed for each player added to the scoresheet after the start of the game.


308 Electronic Devices

During a stoppage of play, a coach calls the referee over to the bench and attempts to question the ruling of the officials by utilizing an electronic device. The team is assessed a bench minor for an equipment violation according to the rule. While the bench minor penalty is still being served, a team official now starts verbally abusing the referee. What penalty should be assessed to the coach?

A Game Misconduct Penalty is assessed to the team official verbally abusing the referee. Rule References 308(b), 308(c) and 601(e.1).

Even though the actual bench minor penalty is assessed under the electronic equipment rule, the fact the rule was applied because a team official was challenging or disputing a decision by the official indicates that this bench minor penalty also falls under the unsportsmanlike conduct guidelines. Any subsequent continuation of this behavior during the same incident would result in following the proper penalty progression.

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