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601 - Abuse of Officials and other misconduct

A player is assessed a minor penalty for tripping and does not proceed immediately to the penalty bench while disputing the call. Should any additional penalty be called?

Yes, in addition to the original tripping penalty, the player must be assessed a minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Rule Reference 601(a.1).

The misconduct penalty (601(c.4)) for failure to proceed directly and immediately to the penalty bench applies in all other situations. In this instance, the fact the player is challenging or disputing the ruling of the Referee calls for the unsportsmanlike minor penalty to be assessed.


206 - Injured Players

Play has been stopped due to an injured player. The player recovers quickly, but refuses to leave the ice. What penalty, if any, shall be assessed?

A bench minor penalty for delaying the game shall be assessed to the offending team. Rule References 206(a) and 610(h).

The Referee shall allow ample time for the player to be treated. Once the injured player has been treated, he must proceed to his players’ bench (off the ice) immediately after being told to do so by the Referee.

501 - Appointment of Officials

An On-Ice Official arrives at the game only to realize that he forgot his helmet. Is he allowed to officiate in this instance without a helmet?

No. Rule Reference 501(c).

All On-Ice Officials must wear a hockey helmet when officiating. Under no circumstances should an official be allowed to participate without this required piece of protective equipment.

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