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601 - Abuse of Officials and Other Misconduct

Team A’s Head Coach is assessed a bench minor penalty for Abuse of Officials. While that penalty is still being served, the Assistant Coach now starts verbally abusing the Referee. What penalty should the Referee assess?

Game Misconduct Penalty. Rule Reference 601(e.1).

Provided the abuse is a continuation of the original action causing the bench minor penalty to be assessed, the game misconduct shall be assessed even though it is a different Team Official. This helps avoid the situation where two or more Team Officials work together to continue their inappropriate behavior without consequence greater than a bench minor penalty.

This is only applied when the abuse is a continuation of the original penalty. If the second Team Official engages in improper conduct several minutes later in response to a different situation, then the Referee must assess another bench minor penalty to start the penalty progression over.


610 - Delaying the Game

The puck is shot down the ice in the direction of the goal with an attacking player chasing it. The goalkeeper comes out of his crease to play the puck with his stick and waits until the attacking player is close enough to freeze the puck. Is this delay of game?

Yes. Rule Reference 610(b).

The goalkeeper has an obligation to play the puck with his stick when provided the opportunity to do so. This action is not for the purpose of preventing a goal, but instead is a deliberate action to cause a stoppage of play and must be penalized.


623 - Hooking

What would be examples of an infraction warranting a major penalty for hooking?

Rule Reference 623(a).
1) A player is hooked around the waist, and the offending player is able to steer the opponent violently into the boards or goal frame.
2) A player is hooked between the legs and the offending player uses the blade of the stick to punish the opponent. This could also be penalized under Spearing if the toe of the blade is used.


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