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Protective Equipment **NEW PER MA Hockey!!**

Any player that takes a faceoff is REQUIRED to wear a face mask- Again this is a STATE of MA guideline - MA HOCKEY has now put a new policy in place --

  1. The first time the player taking a face off does not have a face mask it is a warning to the team.
  2. After that it is now a 10 Min misconduct - to any player that tries to take a face off without a MASK
Please note that at this point, MA Hockey has not provided any direction when it comes to coaches or players on the bench. If the coach does not have a mask, or removes the mask repeatedly make a note on the game sheet. Please also remember that YOU as the official need to have a facemask on at all times. 

Abuse of Officials and Other Misconduct

While play is in progress or during a stoppage of play, a Team Official grabs an On-Ice Official to inquire about a situation. What penalty shall be assessed?

A game misconduct should be assessed. Rule Reference 601(e.4).

Unless the official deems the intent was to inflict physical harm – in which case a match penalty would be appropriate.

In many instances, the team official is attempting to grab the official’s attention and does not intend to harm the official. In this scenario, the game misconduct penalty is proper.

Kicking Opponent or Puck

Two younger players collide with each other, fall to the ice and become tangled up with each other. In an effort to free himself, one of the players uses his skate to push off the opposing player. Should a penalty be assessed in this situation?

Yes. Rule Reference 627(a).

A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed in this instance. In many cases players don’t realize the danger involved with pushing off another player with the skate.

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