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If the players’ bench has a door opening in the Attacking Zone, may a player entering from this door be considered on-side if the puck enters the zone after he steps onto the ice?

No. Rule Reference 630(a).

Such a player must be ruled off-side if the puck crosses the line while he is entering or leaving the ice and has at least one skate in contact with the ice surface at the time. Any player entering from the bench area into the Attacking Zone is considered as any other attacking player on the ice for the purposes of off-sides.


Team A has two players serving non-coincident minor penalties. Team B has one player serving a minor penalty. The teams are then assessed coincident minor penalties. Is the coincident minor penalty to the Team A player delayed until the first Team A penalty expires?

No. Rule References 408(a) and 402(f). [408 Situation 1]

Coincident minor penalties are served immediately and are never considered under the delayed penalty rule.

High Stick

The puck is deflected into the goal crease by an attacking player’s high stick. The goalkeeper immediately covers the puck, causing a stoppage. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At an end face-off spot in the offending player’s Defending Zone. Rule Reference 621(c).

Even though an opponent has “played” the puck by falling on it, the intent of this exception to the rule has not been satisfied. The goalkeeper has not elected to “play” the puck in a manner that would allow play to continue, but has instead determined to stop play and, in effect, allowed the high stick violation to be enforced.

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