3 Rules You Thought You Knew - Issue 17

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A defending player pushes an attacking player, who does not have possession of the puck, into the Attacking Zone just prior to the puck entering that zone. Is the attacking player off-side?

Yes. Rule References 630(a) and 625(a).

Even though the attacking player was pushed, the off-side infraction must still be called. If the push was severe enough, the Referee may elect to assess a minor penalty for interference.


Falling On The Puck

The puck is outside the goal crease. A defending player slides and covers the puck with his hand. His momentum, however, carries him into the goal crease with the puck and he is in the crease when play is stopped. Should a penalty shot be awarded?

No. The Referee must assess a minor penalty. Rule References 614(a & b).

The location of the puck at the instant it is covered or held is the determining factor as to whether or not a penalty shot is to be awarded. In this case the infraction occurred outside of the crease area.

Protective Equipment

What are the proper procedures for the On-Ice Officials to follow when attempting to identify HECC approved helmets and facemasks.

The Officials must make a visual check of all required protective equipment while the players are on the ice during warm-ups. Rule References 304(c & d) and 304(c Note).

The Referee should follow these steps to determine the legality of a required HECC approved helmet or facemask:

STEP 1: All approved helmets and facemasks should have a valid HECC approved certification sticker with a date that is still current attached unless it has been removed by the player. The first burden of proof the helmet/facemask is eligible for use is the valid and unexpired certification sticker.

STEP 2: If the sticker(s) are not present, the official should have a basic knowledge of the required characteristics. These include ear protection for helmets and small enough openings in the facemask to prevent the butt-end of a stick from entering. In addition, the helmet chin strap and facemask chin cup and straps must also be present.

STEP 3: If still in question, the equipment models can be compared to the lists of certified equipment that is present on the HECC website (www.hecc.net).


**NOTE** there was some discussion in regard to last weeks email, specifically too many players.  We strongly encourage you to review the situations starting on page 25 in your rulebook.  Also, a couple of questions to ask yourself when determining too many players (1) did the player entering the ice play the puck (or make contact with an opponent) before the retiring player was completely off the ice? (2) Was an advantage gained? (Could be a territorial advantage). 

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