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An official dropping the puck at a face-off should extend his/her arm out to present the puck prior to conducting the face-off.

FALSE [Basic Manual pg. 11]

Dropping The Puck (Execution)
The official should be in the “ready” position before the players. The puck is dropped at the instant both players are in the proper position for a fair face-off. To drop the puck, simultaneously bring the arm out and down while bending the knees. When the arm becomes fully extended, the puck is released.

The stance and execution of dropping the puck are used at every face-off, including those held at center ice.

Players in Uniform

A team has 16 players listed on the game scoresheet. A player who is not listed on the scoresheet participates in the game. What action should the Referee take when it is brought to his attention?

Add the player’s name to the scoresheet, and assess a bench minor penalty to the player’s team. Rule Reference 203(a).

All penalties incurred and goals/assists awarded to that player shall stand. The team may not elect to send the player to the dressing room and forgo the bench minor penalty because the player has already participated in the game.


At the 13:45 mark of the third period a team is assessed its fifteenth penalty. Is the Head Coach immediately removed from the bench and assessed a game misconduct penalty?

No in both instances. Rule Reference 401(b).

The Head Coach is given a one game suspension that is served during the next game of that team that is already on the schedule.
The Coach is not assessed a game misconduct penalty nor is he removed from the current game for this rule.

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