3 Rules You Thought You Knew - Issue 14

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Puck Out of Bounds or Unplayable

An attacking player in his Attacking Zone shoots the puck so that it rebounds off the end boards onto the back of the defending team’s goal. The Referee stops play after players from either team are unable to play the puck off the netting within 3 seconds. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At the Neutral Zone face-off spot nearest to the point where the shot originated. Rule References 631(d) and 612(c).

The attacking player who shot the puck caused the stoppage of play.

Composition of Teams

During the course of the game, a team no longer has a properly registered coach available to them on the bench. Can the game continue?

Yes. Rule Reference 201(b).

The game shall be allowed to continue provided that team has adult supervision on the players’ bench. This person may come from the stands and should be a registered member of USA Hockey in some capacity. If no such person is available, the game should be suspended and a report provided to the proper authorities.


A player straddling the blue line falls to the ice while the boot of his skate remains in contact with the Neutral Zone. The puck crosses the blue line at the same time. Is he considered to be off-side?

No. Rule Reference 630(a).

The word “skate” in the Rule refers to the blade or the boot of the skate.

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