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Carly Silva is a hockey player on the Weymouth GU12 team who's currently in the hospital fighting cancer. Please take the time to send Carly a Christmas card. Here's the address:

Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
6 North Room 630
Boston, MA 02115

Full Story: https://www.mahockey.org/news_article/show/976630


Two players collide with each other, fall to the ice and become tangled up with each other. In an effort to free himself, one of the players uses his skate to push off the opposing player. Should a penalty be assessed in this situation?

Yes. Rule Reference 627(a).

A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed in this instance. In many cases players don’t realize the danger involved with pushing off another player with the skate.


The puck is in the possession of the attacking team in the Attacking Zone. The puck is passed back to the blue line by an attacking player. The pass is received by a teammate on the far edge of the blue line (half on the line and half in the Neutral Zone), and then is shot on goal. Has an off-sides infraction occurred?

No. Rule Reference 630 (a Note).

The line is always a part of the zone in which the puck is located.
**NOTE** The whole puck must cross the whole line in order for this to be considered offside


The goalkeeper leaves his crease to stop a shot. Before he can return to his crease, an attacking player enters the crease before the puck, and a teammate shoots the puck into the goal. Is the goal legal?

Yes. Rule References 625(b & a.8).

If the goalkeeper is completely out of his crease, an attacking player may precede the puck into the crease and any legally scored goal in this situation shall be allowed.

However, if the goalkeeper is attempting to return to the goal crease and there is any interference by the attacking player who prevents the goalkeeper from making a play, then the goal must be disallowed and an interference penalty shall be assessed.

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