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ICONSPEAK - December

It's Christmas-Presents Time!

While the beginning of December always causes moments of panic for many of us, the question of "what could I give to my travel addicted friend?" is easy to answer! Make a unique gift to your fellow traveller: with an ICONSPEAK Drawstring Bag (currently on SALE) you cannot get the size wrong - with an ICONSPEAK Gift Card, you cannot get anything wrong!

Check out the many other gift ideas and presents on our iconspeak shop - pretty sure there is something for everybody who enjoys travelling & potentially struggles with languages...
Order now to get your presents on time !
Reach out to us in case of any questions...
Check out the different gift-card options!
You can get different-sized gift cards for the ICONSPEAK shop, check them out here!
Best option for you, if you know that your travel mate would love an ICONSPEAK Shirt, but you are not sure about his/her color & size preferences...
Meanwhile Mark is taking his ICONSPEAK shirt around the world!
We frequently get sent amazing photos and stories of people who take their ICONSPEAK products on a journey. Lately we are fascinated by Mark from Italy - he is travelling the world on project to teach and learn as many languages as possible. He even made it into TV, check it out here and follow him on Instagram via @markintravel
...send us your pics or tag us @iconspeak in Instagram for a chance to be featured as well!
We wish you all a happy Holiday Season and are looking forward to welcoming you on our shop again!
Flo and Georg

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