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Friday, June 14, 6-8 pm

Riverpoint Sports & Wellness

9190 Coors Blvd, Albuquerque

Grab your family and your Highlands classmates and join us at this free family event!  We’ll provide hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas and treats.

Splash around in the beautiful Riverpoint pool, play picnic games for prizes, and enjoy the good life as a Highlands Cowboy alum!

RSVP for this event before 5:00 pm June 13

(505) 454-3248 or email jesalman@nmhu.edu

(towels and lockers provided - bring your own lock)

 Class of 1969?
We'd love to hear from you! Please contact jesalman@nmhu.edu


At the Santa Fe Center Commencement, one of our fabulous graduates read this poem that she wrote about her experience at Highlands. We wanted to share it with you!



This is Us

By: Emerson Grey


I dropped out of high school
I’m in recovery
I am a first generation student
I sometimes feel too old
I worry that I won’t be able to do this
Can I finish?

I’m from the Midwest
New Mexico is my home
I’m Native American
I’m Mexican
You’re Italian?
Am I White, European, or Caucasian?
Am I privileged?
I’m sorry if I offended you
Don’t be

I’m a runner
I love animals
I ride a motorcycle
I have a daughter……she is beautiful just like her mother

My sister died
I lost my grandmother
I lost my grandfather
I miss my mother
He was like a son to me
It’s okay to cry
Take a deep breath

You got this

I am blessed
Pray for me
I would but I’m an atheist

We need tacos
I need a cigarette
I need a glass of wine
Where are we going? Sunrise, Firehouse, Panera, or crazy?

I’m tired
I don’t feel like being here
I’m leaving early
How can I help?
What’s wrong?

I needed that hug
I needed your words of encouragement
I needed to know that you get it
I needed to just be myself
I needed to be vulnerable
Thank you
Thank you for listening

I can’t write one more self-reflection paper
Am I mad, glad, angry, or sad?
My childhood was happy
My parents supported me
My parents abused me
What Erickson stage am I stuck in?
Your life experiences have made you stronger
I am resilient

You got this

Just say it
Are you okay?
No-I’m angry
I disagree with you
I’m afraid
I’m at a loss for words
I understand
I can relate
I sometimes just want to quit
I really don’t give a sh…..
But you’ve come so far

A “D”
I got a D?
We need a study group
Why are all our papers due at the same time?
I got a C on my research paper
I did too, me too, me too, me too
Isn’t that statistically significant?

We need tacos
I need waterproof mascara
I’m stuck in the elevator
That was the best role play ever
and the Oscar goes to?

This is becoming real
I couldn’t have made it without all of your support
The gowns are purple
Yes, we should definitely be a flash mob
I want a picture of all of us together
I finished my last paper
Practicum is over
Can you believe it?
We did it
We deserve this
We worked hard
You will be the best social worker
I love you guys

You got this

This is us

©Emerson Grey 2019

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Know a student looking to transfer to HU for a great  education?


College students can get all their questions answered about transferring to New Mexico Highlands at a new virtual information series called Transfer Tuesdays.

“Transfer Tuesdays are a chance for you to learn about the 50-plus academic programs at Highlands, the scholarship opportunities for transfer students, our affordable tuition rates, what there is to do on campus, and next steps if you want to apply,” said Kristen Olds, Highlands transfer admissions counselor.

Transfer Tuesdays are the first Tuesday of every month and started in March. The next one is scheduled for June 4 from 6 to 7 p.m. mountain daylight time.

“The Transfer Tuesdays series will be streamed through a video conferencing software called Zoom. Joining is simple. You just click on the ‘here’ link and you’ll join the conversation,” Olds said.


“We want to share helpful information and let students know how transfer-friendly Highlands is,” Olds said.

To find out more about Transfer Tuesdays, contact Olds at 505-224-3192 or kristen@nmhu.edu.

NMHU Career Services is focusing on better preparing our students for job interviews and professionalism.

With the high cost of college expenses, most students cannot afford a professional outfit to wear to an interview or potential job, so we are starting a Career Clothing Closet to provide a professional outfit to students, at no charge to them. We can only meet these goals with the help of community members like yourself.

We are seeking donations of pre-used clothing items that students can use to accomplish a better impression at their interview or job.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated! We can only hope that you will support our mission and help us implement our program and initiatives.

You can drop off your contributions to NMHU Career Services in the Felix Martinez Building, Suite 230, by mail to Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701 or call (505)454-3048 for pick-up.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (505)454-3048 or through email jehooper@nmhu.edu.


Hey alumni!


Did you serve in Student Government during your time at Highlands?


The Alumni Office would like to plan a mini-reunion for you during Homecoming 2019.


Please contact us if you’d be interested in attending this gathering.


Go Cowboys!



Save the Date for H-Club Meetings and Events!


Friday, June 28th, 11:00 am
H Club Officers & Golf Committee meeting
Marty Sanchez Golf Course
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Saturday, June 29th
2nd Annual H Club All Sports Golf Benefit Tournament
8:00 am Golf Check-In
9:00 am Shotgun Start
Marty Sanchez Golf Course
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Have any Highlands Memorabilia?

Clearing things out?  Making space in a move? We'd love to talk to you about any Highlands related memorabilia you have!

Have an old Highlands annual that you’d like to donate? Our alumni office will gratefully accept yearbooks, old pennents, and other ephemera.

Email us at jesalman@nmhu.edu so we can find those memories a new home!

Commencement Traditions!

Our Highlands Family is all about tradition.

What stands out as the most memorable thing about your graduation at Highlands?

Please share your favorite commencement ceremony tradition with us.

Our 2019 graduates want to know! Email us at jesalman@nmhu.edu so we can keep the traditions alive!

Stay in Touch!

Help us make sure we stay in touch with you by updating your information at the link below!

Alumni Info Update






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