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Join us from 7-9 pm on Monday, February 25th


Perry's Steakhouse

2400 W State Hwy 114, Grapevine


We'll provide the snacks and you provide the memories!


RSVP at (505) 454-3248 or lylamaestas@nmhu.edu

Don't join us at the best party you never attended!

March 16, 2019




•Sounds fun but, how does it work?

Purchase a ticket for the gala by March 6. We will send you a gala-in-a-box which contains a gift card to order a pizza, a gift card to purchase a bottle of wine (or other beverage), some party surprises and a sign that says “I’m supporting Highlands students!”

On March 16, during the hours of 7 to 9 pm, we will ask you to send us a photo of yourself in your pj’s (or a photo of your dog, or your pizza and wine, or just your slippered feet!) with the sign that we can post on Pajama Gala site.


•Do I show up somewhere in my pajamas?

 The great thing is you don’t have to show up anywhere except on your own couch! By purchasing a ticket to this non-event, a vast majority of your donation goes directly to students, not toward paying for catering, a band, decorations, etc.


•Can you explain more how everything is supposed to come in a box for a gala?

Expect a small box to arrive containing gift cards for pizza delivery and to a local merchant selling package liquor (like Walgreens, CVS, Total Wine, etc.), some party surprises. You supply your own pajamas and sofa!


•Is it a hundred per-person or couple?

Each ticket is for one or two guests. Remember, this is a fundraiser! If more than two people in your household will be (not) attending, you can save your extra gift cards for another night on the couch!


•What comes in the gala box?  Is it enough for two people or a group of people?

Each box contains a $20 gift card to order one pizza (or some other menu item), and a $10 gift card to purchase beverage(s) of your choice, and party favors.


•How do we get our pictures to you?

Snap your photos and email them to Stephanie at ssantillanes@nmhu.edu, and she'll post them to our Pajama Gala socials.


•I’m not comfortable taking a picture of myself in my pajamas. Can I still send a picture if I’m dressed up?

Absolutely! The most important thing is that you are proudly supporting our Highlands Students and we couldn’t be happier!


Order your tickets by March 6 by calling (505) 454-3248 Or online at nmhufoundation.org/pjgala



Hey alumni!


Did you serve in Student Government during your time at Highlands?


The Alumni Office would like to plan a mini-reunion for you during Homecoming 2019.


Please contact us if you’d be interested in attending this gathering.


Go Cowboys!



Click for registration form!

Save the Date for H-Club Meetings and Events!


Saturday, February 23rd
9:00 am H Club Biannual meeting
NMHU Ed. Center, Room 123
Rio Rancho, New Mexico


Friday, June 28th, 11:00 am
H Club Officers & Golf Committee meeting
Marty Sanchez Golf Course
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Saturday, June 29th
2nd Annual H Club All Sports Golf Benefit Tournament
8:00 am Golf Check-In
9:00 am Shotgun Start
Marty Sanchez Golf Course
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Have any Highlands Memorabilia?

Clearing things out?  Making space in a move? We'd love to talk to you about any Highlands related memorabilia you have!

Have an old Highlands annual that you’d like to donate? Our alumni office will gratefully accept yearbooks, old pennents, and other ephemera.

Email us at jesalman@nmhu.edu so we can find those memories a new home!

Commencement Traditions!

Our Highlands Family is all about tradition.

What stands out as the most memorable thing about your graduation at Highlands?

Please share your favorite commencement ceremony tradition with us.

Our 2019 graduates want to know! Email us at jesalman@nmhu.edu so we can keep the traditions alive!

Stay in Touch!

Help us make sure we stay in touch with you by updating your information at the link below!

Alumni Info Update






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