The Graphic Hive Has Helped Raise Over $30,000 for Small Businesses and Organizations!

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The Graphic Hive has Helped Raise Over $30,000 for Small Businesses and Organizations Through Online Apparel Stores

Let's face it. COVID-19 has thoroughly impacted small businesses and organizations. Many businesses are operating in limited capacities with many small business owners are facing the unenviable decision of whether or not to close their business permanently.

The Graphic Hive has been here for the past 10 years to help small businesses with high quality web design, graphic design and printing. As such, we knew that we had to develop an initiative that would help those in our small business community with new methods of revenue generation. This is why we have been offering free, no-risk apparel stores for small businesses and organizations.

Since beginning this initiative, we have successfully raised over $30,000 for small businesses and organizations. This is a huge milestone for this initiative, and we want to thank everyone that ordered apparel through any of the stores.

You can view all open stores by clicking here!

If you have the spare funds, please consider making a purchase from one of the sales currently running! We will be updating the sales of these sites and more on our social media so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

If you or someone you know has a business or organization that has been impacted by COVID-19, WE CAN HELP. 

To start your own store, email or just click the Big Blue Button!

Read about this initiative on our website!

Click Here to Start Your Own Store

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