Green New Deal - The first GROWINPRO video is out

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Newsletter n° 3 - 10 june 2020


The Green New Deal

The first GROWINPRO documentary is out. How to implement a “green plan” to jumpstart a smart and inclusive growth in Europe


The privilege of working from home

An article published on Intereconomics found that only 6.7 million workers in Italy can work from home while the remaining nearly 16 million workers perform tasks that they cannot do remotely

Unjust societies in pandemic times

A new GROWINPRO study found that the adoption of social distancing and the persistent lockdown have been exacerbating pre-existing inequalities



Whither the evolution of the contemporary social fabric? New technologies, old socio-economic trends and the crucial role of policies

The first GROWINPRO policy report builds on a broad diagnostic of the current major trends in international growth, employment, income distribution in their interactions with the patterns of technological change that we could term ‘intelligent automation’.

Giovanni Dosi
and Maria Enrica Virgillito

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A mechanism to support SMEs
in the COVID 19 crisis

Werner Hölzl and Philipp Schmidt-Dengler

Patterns of growth in structuralist models: the role of the real exchange rate
and industrial policy
Gabriel Porcile, Danilo Spinola
and Giuliano Yajima

Unequal societies in usual times,
unjust societies in pandemic ones
Giovanni Dosi, Lucrezia Fanti
and Maria Enrica Virgillito

Varieties of deindustrialization
and patterns of diversification:
why microchips are not potato chips

Giovanni Dosi, Federico Riccio
and Maria Enrica Virgillito


Do firms really learn from failure?
The dynamics of abandoned innovation

James H. Love, Stephen Roper and Priit Vahter

Incumbents and Entrants as Carriers
of Innovation and Productivity Growth

Moritz Lubczyk and Bettina Peters
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The Privilege of Working From Home
at the Time of Social Distancing

Armanda Cetrulo, Dario Guarascio
and Maria Enrica Virgillito

The wage-productivity nexus
in the world factory economy

Giovanni Dosi, Maria Enrica Virgillito
and Xiaodan Yu
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Evitare la zattera della medusa

La crisi economica provocata dalla pandemia ha mostrato le debolezze strutturali del modello di crescita capitalista

Andrea Roventini

The path to COVID recovery: the urgent need for the EU Green Deal and a new approach to Industrial Strategy

Mariana Mazzucato, George Dibb
and Martha McPherson
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