Newsletter n° 2 - 2 october 2019

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Newsletter n° 2 - 2 october 2019


Climate change: challenges and opportunities

Experts and policy makers discussed one of the major challenges of the 21st century in a workshop organised within the public engagement activities of the GROWINPRO project


Governing missions in the European Union

The new report written by GROWINPRO researcher Mariana Mazzucato sets out the approach needed to implement a mission-oriented process in order to stimulate innovation and tackle global challenges such as climate change


‘Fifteen proposals for social justice’, a GROWINPRO event in Pisa

The Forum on Inequality and Diversity, an Italian coalition which is part of the GROWINPRO civil society organisation network, presents its Report ‘Fifteen proposals for social justice’ on July 23 in Pisa


Dynamics and Complexity, a workshop in Pisa

The event, supported by the GROWINPRO project, discussed some of the most critical current researches on complex systems


GROWINPRO project presented at the WEHIA workshop in London

The 2019 edition of the workshop, held at the City University on June 24-26, devoted one special session to the EU-funded project


Skill Gap, Mismatch, and the Dynamics of Italian Companies’ Productivity

Lucrezia Fanti, Dario Guarascio, Matteo Tubiana

Characterizing growth instability: new evidence on unit roots and structural breaks in long run time series

Emanuele Russo, Neil Foster-McGregor, Bart Verspagen

Aggregate Productivity Growth in the Presence of (Persistently) Heterogeneous Firms

Giovanni Dosi, Marco Grazzi, Le Li, Luigi Marengo, Simona Settepanella

Determinants of Productivity Gap in the European Union: A Multilevel Perspective

Randolph Luca Bruno, Elodie Douarin, Julia Korosteleva, Slavo Radosevic

The impact of superstar firms on the labor share. Evidence from a small, open economy: Belgium

Filip Abraham, Yannick Bormans

Threats and opportunities in the digital era: automation spikes and employment dynamics

Giacomo Domini, Marco Grazzi, Daniele Moschella, Tania Treibich

Technical progress and structural change: a long-term view

Alessandro Nuvolari, Emanuele Russo

The impact of the scope of technological search on path dependence in export specialisation: Evidence for European countries

Andreas Reinstaller, Peter Reschenhofer

Concordance and complementarity in IP instruments

Marco Grazzi, Chiara Piccardo, Cecilia Vergari

Embodied and disembodied technological change: the sectoral patterns of job-creation and job-destruction

Giovanni Dosi, Mariacristina Piva, Maria Enrica Virgillito, Marco Vivarelli

Workers’ intervention authority in Italian 4.0 factories: autonomy and discretion

Valeria Cirillo, Matteo Rinaldini, Jacopo Staccioli, Maria Enrica Virgillito

R&D, innovation and productivity

Pierre Mohnen


Making the Eurozone work: a risk-sharing reform of the European Stability Mechanism

Giovanni Dosi, Marcello Minenna, Andrea Roventini, Roberto Violi

Annals of Operations Research


Control in the era of surveillance capitalism: an empirical investigation of Italian Industry 4.0 factories

Angelo Moro, Matteo Rinaldini, Jacopo Staccioli, Maria Enrica Virgillito

Journal of Industrial and Business Economics



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