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IABSE Newsletter October 2020


Registration is now open!

IABSE Conference Seoul 2020 - is just around the corner!

The IABSE Korean Group is excited to invite you to another innovative format for the IABSE Conference Seoul 2020 on 'Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures' November 9-10. This event will be a new format combining Onsite Presentations for the local participants and Live or Pre-recorded Presentations for the foreign participants and streamed to all registered participants via Zoom Platform.

The Scientific Committee (SC) has invited Keynote Speakers and experts from engineering and academic societies to discuss and share practical ways forward in the area of risk intelligence of infrastructures. A two-days program will be driven in single-track sessions. Around 60 papers have been collected with a balance between ‘Risk analysis & multi-hazard assessment’ and ‘Data intelligence & field informatics.’ (see the List of Papers here..) The SC hopes to derive a Seoul 2020 Agenda for ‘risk intelligence of infrastructures’ through the final wrap-up session. This requires the active participation of all presenters, including keynote speakers and attendees at this conference. Please click here to register now!  More information...


Another success story!

IABSE Symposium Wrocław 2020 was successfully held on October 7-9, 2020. Congratulations and a big thanks to the Organising and Scientific Committees, lead by Jan Biliszczuk, Jan Bień and Paweł Hawryszków of the IABSE Polish National Group,.They took up the challenge in converting the 2-year preparation of what was originally planned as an onsite IABSE Symposium in May 2020 into a virtual event. Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the event had to be postponed to October 2020 as they almost have to start replanning the whole event. The key component to the success of this event is the dedication of the group of students who have given their best effort to run this 3-Day, 3-Parallel Sessions smoothly. The Symposium received 207 participants, 15 sponsors and 8 virtual exhibitors. Read the report about the Symposium, as compiled by the SC: Click Here!

The Organisers also offered a unique networking event for the participants, which was the Young Engineer's competition on 'VIRTUAL BRIDGES'. Held in the evening of Day 1, participants who joined could watch as the competition was ongoing while networking and exchanging ideas. Also, amongst 134 papers, 33 papers were presented by the Young Engineers, that were automatically entered for the Young Engineers Outstanding Contributions Award. The two young authors awarded for their presentation: Bruno Pedrosa, Portugal for his paper titled "Mode I fatigue crack growth tests on puddle iron strengthened with CFRP plates" and "Probabilistic fields of fatigue crack growth rates of puddle iron based on Huffman local approach." Johan de BOON, The Netherlands, for his paper titled "Possible Application of FRP Bridges in renovation and replacement task of Rijkswaterstaat." The award included prize money of 700 EUR for each awardee and was sponsored by the IABSE Fellows and the Organising Committee. The awards were presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Symposium. Congratulations to the Winners! Here is what the Chair of the Young Engineers Jury, Prof. Lennart Elfgren has to say about the Symposium: "I enjoyed it very much and appreciate your theme with Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering. There were many thought-provoking keynote lectures by experienced researchers and also many other important contributions."


Call for Abstracts – IABSE Congress Ghent 2021

Extension: Submit your Abstract before 4 November 2020 here..

Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs’ is a broad and innovative theme. Since this is a main event of IABSE, a large variety of Sub-themes is offered and everything in the bridge and structural engineering world will be covered, including some societal needs such as responding to a worldwide pandemic. The SC has extended the deadline for the submission of Abstracts until the 4 November 2020, to allow late-runners to submit. Everybody will be able to find a sub-theme where they can submit an abstract explaining worthwhile aspects of their daily work or research activities. Do not let current uncertainties influence your decision to submit your abstract www.iabse.org/Ghent2021


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Calendar of Events


IABSE Conference Seoul 2020

Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures‘ will be held from 9-10 November 2020. This conference Seoul 2020 will be held as an Online/Offline Hybrid Conference. Register here..



IABSE 2020 Congress Christchurch 2020

The OC is committed to running the IABSE 2020 Congress from the 3 – 5 February 2021 as a virtual event. It is working with an innovative virtual platform which will be including many features, and paper presentations can already be be viewed on demand from mid-January. Read the message from OC here..



IABSE Congress Ghent 2021

Read the message from
the OC
and the SC... 

Extension of Deadline:
ubmit your abstract before
4 November 2020.

The Congress will be held 22-24 September 2021. The OC guarantees to organise a great event in different formats for participants to choose from to ensure their safety. 


IABSE Webinar 2020 – Special Session Organized within the project - "ATCZ190 SAFEBRIDGE“, 23 October 2020 - Upcoming!

Free Participation via Zoom. Agenda: Opening of Special Session within the IABSE Webinar; Introduction to the ATCZ190 SAFEBRIDGE project – Advanced analysis of existing reinforced and pre-stressed concrete bridges: Nonlinearity, reliability, safety formats, life-time aspects; Czech bridge case studies – Methodology and application; Austrian bridge case studies – Methodology and application and a discussion. IABSE as well as non-IABSE members are welcome to join. Registration Form and details: Click Here 


SEI Editorial Board Meeting

The SEI Editorial Board met online for its Annual meeting on 12 October 2020 with 15 participants from Brazil, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the US. Amongst various topics, current and future issues of SEI, potential Editorial Board Members, and other topics related to the content and operation of SEI were discussed. The Impact Factor of SEI compared to last year has gone up to 0.672, and there has also been a reasonable increase in the download rate of papers, due to T&F's higher distribution and reach. The Editorial Board meeting was chaired by Guido Morgenthal. The SEI Editorial Board, SEI Correspondents, Authors and international reviewers work relentlessly to bring forth to all IABSE Members and global subscribers the journal SEI, which is a unique mix of articles about recent structures and cutting edge global research papers.

If you wish to write for SEI, Click here. 


SEI Special issue on Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Slender Structures - Abstract Submission extended till October 30!                             

Chief Reviewers: Prof. Elsa Caetano (Portugal) and Dr. Teng Wu (US)

Dynamic and aerodynamic studies have been occupying an increasing space in the design, analysis and characterization of slender structures. Leveraged by enormous advancements in computational resources, storage capacities and data transmission bandwidths, digitalization has supported new approaches to modelling, simulation and visualization of dynamic effects on structures. This has facilitated the optimized use of materials, shapes and systems in radically new designs. The characterization of different types of complex dynamic actions (wind, pedestrian, traffic), the rigorous numerical analysis of their effects, but also the identification of the structural condition through dynamic response measurements of aged structures have seen considerable developments in the last few years. Read further description here.


First Online Conference Proceedings & Videos - Now Online!

IABSE Members can download the 'First Online Conference 2-3 Sept. 2020' Proceedings, which is a collection of abstracts and slide presentations. 16 Video recordings including 4 Keynote Lectures and 12 Presentations can also be viewed in the Members Area www.iabse.org

We thank the Organising Committee for making these available swiftly for all IABSE Members.


SED: a proposal from Task Group 5.2, seeing inputs from IABSE members

Title: Definition and quantification of Key Performance Indicators for the sustainable management of existing structures

TG5.2 seeks to compile the information about Key Performance Indicators (KPI) applied in different structure types and materials in order to obtain a measurement of fitness for the purpose during the life cycle. Identifying which KPI to address when assessing a structure and how to compute and value for each. Including a model for forecasting KPI, cover resilience, and derive a decision-making process and costs. If interested please contact bose@iabse.org


National Group Events


IABSE National Groups Annual Meeting, 19 October 2020

A three hours NG meeting took place online in Zoom platform, which was chaired by Ian Firth from UK, and co-charied by Jan Wium from South Africa. Key points were discussed as per the Agenda, and a very lively discussion took place related to each NG's coping mechanism during the pandemic, plans for 2021, and insights shared from this year's activities. It was particularly encouraging to see the new National Groups and newly appointed Chairs, actively promoting IABSE via multiple programs. The meeting was attended by NG Chairs and Secretariats from 22 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Romania, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, UK, and the US.



III Pathology of Structures Seminar, Medellin, Colombia, 11- 13 November 2020

Newly formed IABSE Group of Colombia, will participate and co-organise in above seminar and the Vice Chair, Nelson Betancour who will present a technical presentation on: Pathology and structural strengthening of a bridge in Bogotá city, which was originally design by T.Y.Lin. This three-days event is being organized by the Sociedad Antioqueña de Ingenieros y Arquitectos (SAI) and the Asociación de Ingenieros Estructurales de Antioquia (AIE). 



Webinars, Seminars, Short Courses, 2020-2021

IABSE Group of Chile is organising a series of Webinars, seminars and short courses through 2020- 2021. For example, the 1st Design Chilean Bridges (December 2020) will be a  short course for students and young professionals. The main topic consider the Structural analysis and design of Chilean bridges following AASHTO and national code Manual de Carreteras. It is focus on girder-slab bridges. There are other webinars and sessions planned, for further information: Click Here



Bridge Engineering Talk and Hands-on Session,  21 November 2020  

The event (paid webinar) is being organized co-organised by the IABSE Group of Malaysia and several other associations. Register by 13 November here: aniza659@uitm.edu.my (This is a paid Webinar). For details: Click Here 


United Kingdom

Milne Medal, 10 Nov. 2020

We are delighted to announce the 2020 Milne Medal is awarded to Steve Webb.
The Milne Medal is awarded to an individual engineer for excellence in structural design, both in the overall concept and in the attention to detail in their work. It is named in recognition of the late Bob Milne, who served for many years as the Honorary Secretary of the IABSE British Group. On 10 Nov., join online to hear Steve's Milne Medal lecture on: "Wood, Stone, Moral Calculus and Big picture thinking.”
Registration open here


Latin America 

Series of Webinars (Oct-Nov.)

IABSE Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador) are sponsoring the Webinar Series on Steel Design, organized by ACIES, IABSE Costa Rican Chapter and Arcerlor Mittal.

The next four webinars, will be on the following topics:

Webinar 1. Steel use, general aspects and advantages. Eng Silveiro and Eng Berrocal, October 21.

Webinar 2. Steel slabs design. Eng Silveiro and Eng Ureña, October 28.

Webinar 3. Steel systems, earthquake resistant considerations. Eng Silviero November 4. Click Here!

Click to check your National Group for latest news!

Co-Sponsored Events

Check out our Co-Sponsored events


Members News and Topical Interviews 

Michael Faber, IABSE Member would like to invite and inform all about the GLOBE initiative.

The GLOBE Consensus is targeted to societal decision-makers and professionals in the construction industry and calls for a coordinated and joint effort to counter global climate change. The objective is to make players in the construction area aware of their enormous responsibility; GLOBE puts sustainability in the construction sector and the built environment on the global agenda - at the same level of importance as safety and durability. The consensus document further addresses facilitators and suggests clear actions, which must be implemented immediately.

“Sustainability and mitigation of climate change is a global challenge – that must be addressed in a global collaborative and focused effort – and this is what the GLOBE Consensus is really all about”, according to Prof. Michael Havbro Faber, President of the Joint Committee on Structural Safety, Aalborg University, Denmark.

The expert group strongly proposes that a globally composed task force is established and mandated to support supranational and national policymakers with respect to sustainable development in the construction sector and the built environment. More detailed information on the GLOBE Consensus may be found on the GLOBE homepage.

IABSE Secretariat - Farewell to Elgin!

This month, we bid a farewell to our colleague at IABSE Secretariat, Elgin Hero Francisco, who was Membership and Marketing Assistant for the last five years. His efficiency, enthusiasm and dedication to his duties and responsibilities, including the laughter he brings to the office will be missed by all of us at the IABSE Secretariat. Elgin is pursuing higher education, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours and thank him for his dedicated work for IABSE.

Connect and Share! For any recent Member News, or Company news, please send us the new article by end of the month for inclusion in next month's Newsletter. If you wish to share any important online resource which could benefit our members, or share a talk on an interesting topic, please send it to bose@iabse.org. We would particularly encourage our IABSE Members to share their knowledge and experience with our young members during this lockdown period with either 'live webinars' or 'pre-recorded lecture sessions'. All the more reason to stay connected and inspired! Please contact us if interested.



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