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IABSE Newsletter April 2020


Calendar of Events
Due to the uncertain situation of Covid19 Pandemic, we advise our members to check our Calendar of Events page regularly for any changes to all IABSE events.

IABSE Annual Meetings for 2020
Following the postponement of IABSE Congress in Christchurch, a new schedule and format are currently being considered depending on the pandemic situation.
Note: A new invitation will be sent out to Committee Members via email soon. Alternatively, we encourage you to visit the website for the latest information.

IABSE Symposium Wroclaw 2020 scheduled on 20-22 May 2020, has been rescheduled to take place on 7-9 October 2020. The Organising Committee is busy and has double work with its preparation for this symposium, trying to take into account all possible situations. They are looking forward to welcoming all delegates and have a successful event regardless of which situation and format, come October. The Organising Committee accepts the challenge and guarantees that safety and sharing of knowledge is their top priority.

IABSE 2020 Congress Christchurch scheduled on 2–4 September 2020 will now take place on
3-5 February 2021. The decision was made due to the current pandemic and to take advantage of the summer season in New Zealand. February will be beautiful in Christchurch, and it is best to combine this with a few days of vacation. Mark it in your calendar and start planning.

Calendar of Events is a one-stop page, providing all the updates and changes to all IABSE related events webpages at www.iabse.org/events.

New in this Newsletter!
There is no lockdown on learning or sharing knowledge during this period. Please scroll down for a new series of 'IABSE Lectures 2020' as well as online PowerPoint Presentations and Videos, links to third party conferences with free registration, shared by several IABSE Members, especially for our young engineers, so that you can benefit and keep learning while staying-at-home.


Early Bird Registration!
Till 2 October 2020



SC at the reviewing stage.



Call for Abstracts
Submit until 30 April 2020


Click here for the latest update on all IABSE Events


Staying at home?

Time to catch up on some interesting reading! SEI February issue and all previous issues are online, if you don't have the hardcopy in hand, you can always go back to all 30 volumes of SEI, as well as browse through published IABSE Bulletins, online (login to Members area on www.iabse.org).

SEI Call For Abstracts!!

SEI November 2021: Bridge Conceptual and Aesthetic Design
Read the Call for Abstracts..

Abstract Submission Deadline:15 June 2020
Full Paper Deadline: 15 September 2020

Covid-19 Notice from Taylor and Francis for SEI May 2020 issue:

As of the first week of April, the postal services of 42 countries have stopped accepting inward deliveries. In addition, many air mail services in and out of our major print hubs in the UK, US and Singapore are no longer operating due to reduced air freight capacity. T&F plans to resume printing in May, hence few weeks delay in delivery of SEI May 2020 issue is foreseen.


Connecting Members during Lockdown!

Online Resources shared by Members and 'IABSE Lecture Series 2020' (new):



Free Lectures and PPTs: 

(Source 1): The Value of Struct.Health Monitoring for Reliable Bridge Management

(Source 2): 3 Days of Workshop Resources

Shared by Ana Mandic Ivankovic, Chair, NG 

The Value of Structural Health Monitoring for the Reliable Bridge Management

The Joint workshop of COST Action TU 1402 “Quantifying the value of structural health monitoring”, COST Action TU 1406 “Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level” and IABSE Working Commission WC1 “Structural Performance, Safety and Analysis” was held in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering during 2-3 March 2017. The long-term objective of this workshop was to contribute jointly to the improvement of the bridge management leading to satisfied users and bridge operators, and sustainable development of European road network. Workshop was organised through three sessions:

  • Session 1: COST Action TU 1406 - Performance assessment of existing Bridges for their reliable management

  • Session 2: COST TU1402 Framework, Strategies and Tools towards the Quantification of the Value of Structural Health Monitoring

  • Session 3: IABSE WC1 - Management and Performance-assessment of Existing Structures

Videos of all presentations are available at the following link:(source 1) above. 

Training Schools on the Value of Structural Health Monitoring Information

COST Action TU 1402 “Quantifying the value of structural health monitoring” organised two training schools with the objective to provide the basic concepts for Value of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Information analyses in the framework of Bayesian decision theory.

  • The first training school was held at Lake Como, Villa La Collina – Cadenabbia, Italy during 6-9 November 2017. Videos of all lectures, organised through three days, are available above link (source 1).

The second training school was held in Trogir, Croatia during 24-28 September 2018. Videos of all lectures and case study presentations, organised through three days, are available in above source (2).



Steel Conference - Free attendance: Click Here !

Shared by Charles Darwin, SEI EditB., Canada

Popular annual Steel conference 2020 NASCC organised by the AISC is going virtual this year because of the pandemic. It will be free for both members and non-members, but participants must register. It is an excellent online tool for IABSE members. 


New! IABSE Lecture Series 2020


Short lecture on "Cable corrosion triggers collapse of the tied-arch bridge"

Lecture by Shunichi Nakamura,
IABSE Vice President, Japan  

This lecture was recorded for our members, for sharing during this lockdown period. The tied arch bridge suddenly collapsed last October in Taiwan. Prof. Nakamura shall review his past studies on cable corrosion and clarify the mechanism how the corroded hanger ropes broke and triggered the collapse of the whole bridge.



Watch the video: Click Here!

Shared by Prof. Gongyi Xu, BRDI of China Railway  

The Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge is a mega suspension bridge with a main span of 1700m and double decks carried 12 lanes of motorway. The bridge was opened in October 2019. 
Read full description here.

Webinar – Hybrid Mass Timber + Steel at the Rhode Island School of Design Residence Hall

13 May 2020 

Sign up for free: Click Here

Shared by Dongzhou Huang,
SEI EditB., US


Stay Tuned to IABSE's First LIVE Webinar on 12 June 2020, at 2.00 p.m. CET! Please RSVP with your email address and name by May 15th if you wish to participate to bose@iabse.org

'Forensic structural engineering: a field of practice and research’ by Fabrizio Palmisano (IABSE Fellow), Italy

NOTE: As an IABSE Member if you wish to share your knowledge with young engineers and tips with colleagues worldwide, contact bose@iabse.org to organise your Webinar!

Important Notice: All National Group Chairs and Secretaries:
Please make sure to communicate with the IABSE Secretariat immediately the current status of your future local events to bose@iabse.org

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Members News

Connect and Share! For any recent Member News, or Company news, please send us the new article by end of the month for inclusion in next month's Newsletter. If you wish to share any important online resource which could benefit our members, or share a talk on an interesting topic, please send it to bose@iabse.org. We would particularly encourage our IABSE Members to share their knowledge and experience with our young members during this lockdown period with either 'live webinars' or 'pre-recorded lecture sessions'. All the more reason to stay connected and inspired! Please contact us if interested.



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