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IABSE Newsletter February 2020


IABSE Symposium Wroclaw 2020
Registration now open!


Early Bird fees offered until March 15, 2020 - Register here..

We invite you to join us in Wroclaw at the IABSE Symposium ‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering -History and Challenges’! We will debate the development of bridge and structural engineering as part of worldwide culture, and on current challenges in this area. The Symposium will be an important international meeting of scientists, experts, designers, contractors and all those who are interested in problems of bridges and other civil engineering structures, including not only technical issues, but also their presence in everyday life and culture.

Keynote Speakers

  • Akio Kasuga, Japan
  • Enzo Siviero & Viviana Martini, Italy
  • Rosario Ceravolo, Italy
  • Elsa Caetano, Portugal
  • Yves Weinand, Switzerland
  • Wojciech Radomski, Poland
  • Wojciech Lorenc, Poland
  • Jan Biliszczuk, Paweł Hawryszków, Robert Toczkiewicz & Krzysztof Żółtowski, Poland
  • Jan Bień & Marek Salamak, Poland

More information: www.iabse.org/Wroclaw2020


IABSE Congress Ghent 2021
Call for Sub-Themes and Sessions


Contribute to and comment on the IABSE Congress theme ‘Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs’. You have following possibilities:

  • Submit additional sub-themes to the next foreseen ones:
      (1) Structural safety and reliability with respect to climate change;
      (2) Circularity, re-use and sustainability of structures;
      (3) Emission free building of structures.
  • Propose a session;
  • Apply to organise a session and to be a session moderator.

Once this Call for Sub-themes and Sessions closes (1 April 2020), the SC will try to accommodate the proposals in the programme of the congress and have them reflected in the Call for Papers.

Submit your contribution here..

More information on www.iabse.org/Ghent2021




Final Invitation
Coming Up Soon!



SC at the reviewing stage.



Call for Abstracts
Now open!


Calendar of Events



SEI 1/2020

Special feature in this issue: Toni Rüttimann has been building bridges together with local partners and rural communities in Latin America and Southeast Asia since 1987. He has no engineering degree, no company or NGO, does no fundraising, and receives no salary - and yet he has built more than 800 suspension bridges. Over the years he has developed an efficient system where local people, international companies... Read the full article..

Editorial: 'Actions to Reduce Carbon Emissions' by Angus Low, Click Here!

Introduction: 'Toni Rüttimann's Structures' by Joerg Schneider, Click Here!


Case Study 2  &  SED 17

Order your copy from Online Shop here..

Special Offer!

We are printing SED 17 - Extradosed Bridges (Editor, Mike Schlaich) in bulk, if our members or non-members wish to order several copies, please contact us, we will be give you a very good offer.

Professors can order in bulk for their classes/students, practitioners can order in bulk for their clients as a gift!
Contact: bose@iabse.org


IABSE Commission 1 Chair, Niels Peter Hoej invites you to join and contribute !  Click Here!

IABSE Commission 1: Performance and Requirements - Role, future aims and projects. 

Excerpt from the interview..

Q. As the Chair of Commission 1, please state your goals and what you are planning to achieve in the next 3 years?

A. When I became Vice-Chair of WC1, it was my goal to increase the activity level and make the commission a forum for the relevant exchange of knowledge and discussion of structural performance, reliability, safety and risk. WC1 successfully transformed and the members started up activities which, in the new structure of IABSE’s technical activities, have developed into Task Groups TG1.3, TG1.4 and TG1.5. The commission will continue to be the pivot point for discussing topical issues and outcomes...
Click here to read the full article in SEI February, 2020 issue (IABSE News).


News from National Groups

Read the report about ‘IABSE National Groups Activities’, published in SEI February 2020 issue:
Click Here


On 30 January, 2020, representatives of the Swiss Group of IABSE, under the Chairmanship of Philippe Menétrey met in Bern, with participating members Andrea Bassetti, Gianfranco Bronzini, Patrick Fehlmann, Richard Thürler and Matthias Wielatt.

2019 and 2020 activities were discussed along with other items in the Agenda.

Future activities shall include: Excursion to Northern Italy in June, YES 2020 in October for young engineers, and meetings in next few months. 
Read the full report here.


United Kingdom
On 17 April, 2020, the Future of Design 2020 (FOD) is coming back to Manchester, which will be held at the University of Manchester, UK.

For more information: Click Here


From 25-26 March, 2020, the Finnish Group of IABSE, is co-organising the AI Workshop 2020, which will present the outcome of IABSE Task Group 3.6: ’AI and Data-driven Design in Structural Engineering’ Workshop 2020'.

For further information: Click Here


On 4 February, 2020, during the General Assembly of the French Association of Civil Engineering (AFGC) representing the French Group of IABSE, held in Paris; two Prizes were awarded to two members of IABSE: Ian Firth received the CAQUOT Prize from Bruno Godart (top photo) and André Orcési received the AFGC Prize from Christian Cremona (bottom photo).

Read the full report here.

We congratulate both members!


On 3 February, 2020, the IABSE award celebration for the Mukogawa Bridge, the finalist for Outstanding Structure Award, was held in Japan, which was attended by 60 participants, including Prof. Manabu Ito, Prof. Yozo Fujino Prof. Shunichi Nakamura, Mr. Toyohito Ikeda, and several  bridge engineers and experts.  

For further information:
Click Here


From 27 January till 02 April, 2020, registrations are open for an 'International Ideas Contest for University students and an Exhibition', with prize money for winners, which is being co-organised by the Spanish Group of IABSE, celebrating the “110 Anniversary of Félix Candela. The Structural Art of Thin Concrete Shells”.   For further information: Click Here


On 13-15 May, 2020, the Brazilian Group of IABSE is co-organizing the X11 CBPE 2020 Congress in Brazil.

For further information:
Click Here

Read the complete report about ‘IABSE National Groups Activities’, published in
SEI February 2020 issue:  
Click Here

Click to check your National Group for latest news!

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Members News

Maurer (IABSE Collective Member)

Prater Bridge Vienna: replacement of all movable expansion joint parts without full closure Vienna.

The police had to stop traffic only three times for 15 minutes to lift the central supports of the new expansion joints into position on the four-lane A23 highway bridge. The only way to adhere to the ambitious time schedule was the use of MMBS (MAURER Modular Bridging System). The bridging system had been tested by the client, ASFINAG (Autobahn- und Schnellstraßenfinanzierung AG), prior to its first deployment on an Austrian highway.

For further information: Click Here



We are sad to announce the passing away of Prof. Bo Edlund, an Honorary Member of IABSE and was an active member since 1971. He was chair of Working Commission 2 (Steel, Timber and Composite Structures) from 1987-91, chair of Technical Committee from 1995-99; Member of the Administrative Committee from 1995-99, and the Executive Committee from 1995-2007. He was Vice President of IABSE from 1999-2007. He was a Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Our condolences with his family, friends and colleagues.  Read about him: Click Here



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