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90th Anniversary
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Important Dates

Next Conference:

IABSE New York 2019
‘The Evolving Metropolis'
September 4-6, 2019
Early Bird fees until July 15, 2019

IABSE Wroclaw 2020
‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges’
May 20-22, 2020
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IABSE Christchurch 2020
‘Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures’
September 2-4, 2020
Submission of abstracts now open!
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An interview with IABSE Vice President, Shunichi Nakamura, Japan 
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IABSE Awards 2019 Announced! 

Congratulations to the Prize Winners and Teams involved!

Honorary Membership 
Angus Low, UK

Angus Low has been a member of IABSE since 1991 and was a fellow from 2006-2010. He contributed to and benefitted from a particularly diverse range of IABSE activities. He joined Arup in London in 1968 and has spent most of his career designing bridges. More information..

International Award of Merit 
Niels Jorgen Gimsing, Denmark

Prof. Niels Jørgen Gimsing is a renowned structural engineer, bridge expert and lecturer—his ability to engage and fascinate his audience is legendary. More information..

IABSE Prize 
Robert Hällmark, Sweden

Robert Hällmark has a background as a bridge designer, researcher and as a steel bridge specialist. Currently, he is working as a bridge specialist at the Swedish Transport Administration (STA), since 2013.
More information..

Outstanding Structure Award - Winner

Mersey Gateway Bridge, UK
Outstanding Structure Award (OStrA) 2019 is presented to Mersey Gateway Bridge, UK, ‘the Mersey Gateway Bridge is an elegantly integrated solution for a multi-span concrete cable stay bridge in which form follows function.’ More information..

Outstanding Structure Award - Finalists

Widening of the bridge over the Rande Strait, Spain
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Mukogawa Bridge, Japan
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Outstanding Paper Award

Category ‘Scientific Paper’:

"Shear Performance Mechanism Description Using Digital Image Correlation" by A. Strauss, P. Castillo, K. Bergmeister, B. Krug, R. Wan-Wendner, M. Marcon, Austria.; J. Matos, Portugal; J. R. Casas, Spain. SEI 3/2018, (August)

Category ‘Technical Report’:
"Innovative Long-Term Monitoring of the Great Belt Bridge Expansion Joint Using Digital Image Correlation" by J. Winkler, M. D. Havelykke, Denmark. SEI 3/2018, (August)
(Watch video from the authors).

More information..

Important notice from the New York Congress organizers.

It is highly recommended to register very early to avoid issues in obtaining Visa (see Travel Documents below). Also, September is a very busy month in New York, therefore it is best to book flights early and while the blocked hotels' rates for participants are still available.

Presenting authors must register on or before July 15, 2019.

Quick links:

90 Years Anniversary Video for this Month: Interview with Fernando Madrazo Aguirre, UK;
YEP Chair

Watch YEP Chair, Fernando M. Aguirre explain why you should join the YEP Programme and IABSE. Click Here!

The Young Engineers Programme (YEP) Board drives engagement of young engineers, both IABSE members and non-members, through activities designed to position IABSE’s global network at the forefront of tomorrow’s future experts in the field of structural engineering. The scope of the Young Engineers Programme (YEP) involves liaising with conference organizers, advocating for IABSE through social media, and facilitating opportunities to connect, budding engineers with the experts among IABSE Fellows.

IABSE Conferences

IABSE Symposium
Wroclaw 2020

May 20-22, 2020:
‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges’, Wroclaw, Poland.

Preliminary Invitation:
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Attention Young Engineers:
Delegates born in 1986 or later will enjoy reduced registration fees. In addition, a jury will present the Young Engineers Contribution Award to two young authors, born in or after 1986, who have personally presented their paper during the Symposium. The prize is sponsored by the IABSE Fellows and the Organising Committee. These awards consisting of financial prizes will be presented at the closing of the Symposium.

Few Snapshots from

2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop Mexico 2019

June 6-7: The 2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop, Puerto Vallarta, organized by the Mexican Society for Earthquake Engineering and the Mexican Group of IABSE was a great success. Participants gave very positive feedback on the quality of the workshop. It is the second mid-year IABSE event intended for a smaller audience on a specific field or topic. The Workshop successfully attracted participants from the Latin American region where IABSE wishes to grow. IABSE would like to congratulate and welcome the 9 new Young Engineers who received IABSE membership sponsored by Mageba. Full article with photos will be featured in the upcoming IABSE News in SEI August 2019 issue.

Photographs are now available at: www.iabse.org/Mexico2019

IABSE Congress
New York 2019 

September 4-6, 2019 on
The Evolving Metropolis’
Congress Details: Click Here!

Watch the invitation video from Jonathan McGormley
(Scientific Committee, Chair):
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September 4-6:
IABSE Congress
Download the Final Invitation

The IABSE Congress, celebrating the 90th Anniversary of IABSE, will take place in New York City on Sept. 4-6, 2019.  

September 2-3:
IABSE Annual Meetings

Please register yourself using this online form: Click Here!

IABSE Symposium
Christchurch 2020

September 2-4, 2020: ‘Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures’, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission by: October 15, 2019
Now Open: Call for Abstracts!

Submission of Full Papers:
January 31, 2020

Notification of Abstracts Acceptance: Nov. 30, 2019

Submission of Full Papers:
January 31, 2020

Final Invitation, Registration opens: February 28, 2020

Notification of Full Papers Acceptance: March 31, 2020

Deadline for Authors registration: May 31, 2020


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SEI Future issues:

Aug. 2019: Recent research and structures

Nov. 2019: Extending the Design Life of Structurally Deficient Steel and Composite Bridges

Feb. 2020: Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Structures and few papers on ‘Toni Rüttimann’.

May 2020: Recent Structures and Research in New Zealand and Australia

Aug. 2020: Invited papers for ‘Best of IABSE Nantes Symposium’ on the topic ‘Tomorrow’s Megastructures’ (selected authors)

Nov. 2020: Tunnels and Underground Structures.

Young Engineers Colloquium (YEC) Reports:

Online Shop for Publications:

IABSE Guimaraes Symposium’s proceedings and other recent ones are available for purchase on our Online Shop. Members get a discount: Click Here!

Erratum: 18 IABSE Fellows names were missing in the list published in SEI May, 2019 issue, pg. 342, due to a missing code. The updated list with added IABSE Honorary Fellows (mainly past Presidents) can now be found here: Click Here! 

News from National Groups

Chairs of National Groups, this is the last call for nominations for Outstanding Structure Awards. Information and Deadline
(June 30, 2019):
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Logo's of National Groups

National Groups can download their logos from their webpage on the
IABSE website


April 5-6, 2019

Modern Technologies
for the 3rd Millennium

The Romanian Group of IABSE collaborated with several institutions and organised the National technical-scientific conference ‘Modern Technologies for the 3-rd Millennium’, which was attended by 90 participants. It was mainly organized by the University of Oradea and Arhicon Top Association in collaboration with the Romanian Group of IABSE. At the Opening Ceremony a presentation on the topic ‘IABSE 90’ was given by Corneliu Bob, Chair of the Romanian Group of IABSE. The Conference had 48 paper presentations in Plenary Sessions and 12 posters.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


May 10-11, 2019

Field Trip to Toggenburg
& Neckertal

The 2019 Field Trip of the Swiss NG was dominated by different wood constructions. Even the first visited bridge was a 400 m long prestressed concrete construction over the Thur River and railroad tracks for a local bypass, the site showed an innovative, highly prefabricated wooden formwork system. Next stop was a treetop-walk in a side valley. This wood construction was built carefully around old trees with the smallest possible impact to fauna and flora.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


May 25, 2019

Opening of Two Bridges

The long waited 2nd Meghna and 2nd Gumti Bridge were opened in time for the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays in Bangladesh. The opening ceremony was held at the Prime Minister’s residence. Kanchpur Bridge over the Sitalalhya was opened by the Prime Minister on 16 March 2019. AFM Saiful Amin (Secretary, NG) had contributed to the design of the high damping bearings for these three bridges. ASM Nuruzzaman, who is also the Organizing Secretary for the Bangladesh NG was the Project Director.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


June 1, 2019

Future of Design (FOD),
New York City

After the success of the first and second U.S. conference in 2017 and 2018, IABSE US NG had another successful Future of Design event in New York City on June 1, 2019.

Read Full Report and see Photos: Click Here!


May 16-17, 2019

The XI Brazilian Conference on Bridges and Structures (XI CBPE), São Paulo

About 200 engineers were present in Pinheiros, São Paulo, attending the ‘’XI Brazilian Conference on Bridges and Structures (X CBPE)’’, promoted by ABECE (Brazilian Association of Consulting Engineers) and ABPE (Brazilian Association of Bridges and Structures – Brazilian Group of IABSE). In the two days of the Conference, 13 main lectures were given by prominent Brazilian and foreign specialists in the field of construction and design of bridges and other structures.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


May 23, 2019

Annual Lecture and Thames Boat Trip– Guy Nordenson:

The British Group held its Annual Lecture at the Institution of Structural Engineers in London which was given this year by Guy Nordenson from New York. His talk, entitled simply "What we do", was an inspirational look at some of the extraordinary and creative structures his practice has produced over the years, with deep insights into the philosophical background to the design and construction thinking in each case. Read full report: Click Here

Read Full Report: Click Here!

Clifton Suspension
Bridge Visit

April 26, 2019

A small party from British IABSE Group visited Clifton Suspension Bridge on 26th April. Guides were Trish Johnson, the Bridgemaster and John Rees from Cowi, the partner responsible for the engineering maintenance.

Read an essay: Click Here!

Germany and Poland

Coming Next in
October 11-12, 2019

6th Young Engineers Colloquium 2019

Call for Papers by
July 15, 2019!

The German and Polish Group of IABSE are organising a Colloquium where, young engineers can present student projects, PhD research papers as well as construction projects from all fields of civil engineering. The presentations are going to be held in English. Prizes will be awarded to the best presentations. For any queries, please contact our organising committee at YEC2019@iabse.de

Further Information: http://www.iabse.de/YEC2019

Submit application to: YEC2019@iabse.de

Submission deadline:
July 15, 2019

Members News


Spherical bearings from Munich for the 5 km long Bogibeel Bridge in India; Brahmaputra bridge: bearings transmit a load of 2,800 t in the smallest of spaces

Read More: Click Here!

Dampers for the Butterfly Towers of Bucharest

Read More: Click Here!

Wai Fah Chen's article on Drucker and Beedle and his message: Click Here!

General Call for Members - News!

IABSE Members are welcome to send us information about any recent achievement (individual or your company/university) and we try to shall feature you or your company here. Become more engaged with IABSE and share with all members the ‘Big News’! contact B. Bose at bose@iabse.org


International LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction open for entries:

Call for exemplary construction projects, visionary design concepts—The LafargeHolcim Awards seeks leading projects of professionals as well as bold ideas from the Next Generation that combine sustainable construction solutions with architectural excellence. The 6th cycle of the international competition is open for entries until February 25, 2020. The Awards offers a total of USD 2 million in prize money and foregrounds projects and concepts from architecture, engineering, urban planning, materials and construction technology, and related fields.

Further Information: Click Here!

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