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90th Anniversary
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IABSE Mexico 2019
‘2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop Mexico 2019'
June 6-7, 2019

IABSE New York 2019
‘The Evolving Metropolis'
September 4-6, 2019
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IABSE Wroclaw 2020
‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges’
May 20-22, 2020
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IABSE Christchurch 2020
‘Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures’
September 2-4, 2020

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Watch the Interview with Andreas Lampropoulos talking about his involvement with IABSE: Click Here!

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2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop Mexico 2019!

Early Bird fees until May 29 - Register here.

The Mexican Society for Earthquake Engineering and the Mexican Group of IABSE will together host this 2nd workshop on June 6 and 7, 2019 at the Puerto Vallarta Hilton Hotel. In the past few years the number of bridges in the Mexican road system has grown, as well as in the main cities of the country. Being exposed to different load conditions, such as: vehicular, soil pressure, earthquake or wind, among others, coupled with a lack of regulation codes for the construction and design of bridges, there is uncertainty about the level of their structural security condition.

See the titles of the accepted abstracts here..

Keynote Speakers are:

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Watch the PPT Video Welcoming Participants to the
2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop in Mexico!

For more information visit: www.iabse.org/Mexico2019


Coming Up Next: IABSE Congress 2019 New York City!
September 2-6: Click Here! (Welcome Video)

90 Years Anniversary Video for this Month: Interview with Shunichi Nakamura, Japan;
Vice President of IABSE

Watch the Interview:
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This is an interview with Shunichi Nakamura, who joined IABSE in 1997 and since then has been engaged with the Association in different roles, namely: as a Vice-President, a former member of Nara Conference Organising Committee, SEI Editorial Board, Working Commission II and Technical Committee, reviewer for IABSE Bulletins and Co-organiser of YEC, East Asia. Hear him speak and describe why he is so proud to be a member of IABSE and his future plans for the Association. In this video recording from Japan, Shunichi talks about his plans and initiatives to connect the international community of IABSE with local engineers, especially young engineers. When you share your ‘success story with IABSE’ with your colleagues, they too will be interested to join.

IABSE Conferences

Guimaraes Conference Photos

2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop Mexico 2019 

June 6-7, 2019

IABSE has six National Groups (NGs) in Latin America, with the Ecuadorian NG being the most recent one, founded in March 2019. A recent example of IABSE’s efforts to integrate the region is the Second Bridge Engineering Workshop jointly organised by the Mexican Society for Earthquake Engineering and the Mexican Group of IABSE. This event will be held in June 2019 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and follows the first workshop held in 2016. Join Us and make a difference!


IABSE Symposium
Wroclaw 2020

Submit your Abstract by
May 31, 2019
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May 20-22, 2020: ‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges’, Wroclaw, Poland.

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Watch the beautiful city of Wroclaw: Click Here!

IABSE Congress
New York 2019 

September 4-6, 2019

Register soon and start planning for this special congress, in IABSE’s 90th Anniversary Year. Early Bird expires by 1 July, so don’t delay and book your flight tickets before the summer holidays start!

Welcome Video by
Jonathan McGormley
(Scientific Committee, Chair):
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The IABSE Congress, celebrating the 90th Anniversary of IABSE, will take place in New York City on September 4 - 6, 2019.

Mark the Dates in your Calendar:

July 1: Deadline for
Early-Bird Registration

Sept. 2-3: IABSE Annual Meetings
Please register yourself using this online form: Click Here!

Sept. 3: Pre-Conference Workshop

Sept. 4-6: IABSE Congress

Congress Details: Click Here!

IABSE Symposium
Christchurch 2020

September 2-4, 2020: ‘Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures’, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Submission of abstracts
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SEI May, 2019 issue should have reached you by now.

Editorial in this issue: Editorial in this month’s issue, is written by Carlos Mendez, Mexico (IABSE Vice President). He has made it his personal mission to initiate new National Groups in Latin America. He is also part of the organizing team for the IABSE Workshop in Mexico, June 2019.

Read the Editorial

Read few articles from IABSE News here:

Interview with Manfred Hirt

Young Engineers Colloquium Report (NL, Belgium)

National Groups Activities

Young Engineers Colloquium (YEC) Reports:

Did you see that YEC2019
(NL and Belgium) and
YEC Shanghai 2018
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News from National Groups

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The Philippines



Logo's of National Groups

National Groups can download their logos from their webpage on the
IABSE website

Chairs of National Groups, this is the last call for nominations for Outstanding Structure Awards. Information and Deadline
(June 30, 2019):
 Click Here!

The IABSE Outstanding Structure Award (OStrA) was established in 1998. It is one of the highest distinctions awarded by IABSE and recognises, in different regions of the world, some of the most remarkable, innovative, creative, or otherwise stimulating structures. Sustainability and respect of the environment is also an important factor. The Awards are restricted to a maximum of one Award per year. Who will be the Winner next year? Send in your nominations fast.

IABSE and Activities around the World with our over 50 National Groups!

IABSE can expand and grow only when our Members and National Groups (NGs) can plan and take active steps, to promote the Association through small-scale as well as international events/talks/seminars or workshops. We are having a steady rise in the number of IABSE events that are being organised since 2017—more and more National Groups are planning and successfully executing Seminars, Young Engineers Colloquiums, Workshops, Study Trips in their countries. ‘Regularity’ of events is the key factor in maintaining IABSE’s presence in your country. Apart from organizing events, if you make it your personal motto that ‘I as a Member will influence at least 2 New Members to join the Association this year’, then imagine the impact all of you can make together for IABSE!

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March 20-21, 2019 


AFGC (Association Française de Génie Civil) representing the French Group of IABSE organized their biennial technical days “GC’2019” at the ESTP School of engineering in Cachan, near Paris, on the theme: “Civil Engineering at the Heart of Technological and Digital Mutations”.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


May 4, 2019 

Information Forum on "Outstanding Structures"

The Philippine Group of IABSE, celebrated IABSE’s 90th Anniversary, by conducting an Information Forum on ‘IABSE’s Outstanding Structure (OStrA) Awardees and Finalists’ with highlights on the innovations and significance of each bridge and building structure with members and non-members. The Department of Civil Engineering of De La Salle University supported the event.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


April 12, 2019 

Future of Design (FOD) Birmingham

It was a very well organised event with several programmes that provided participants to learn, contribute as well to network with fellow participants. There were three keynote sessions, one closing address, a workshop, Young Designer Paper presentations and awards, as well as discussion panels on ‘Future of Cities’. A detailed report shall follow in SEI August, 2019 issue (IABSE News).

April 26, 2019 

Clifton Suspension Bridge Visit

Few members from the IABSE British Group visited Clifton Suspension Bridge on 26th April. Guides were Trish Johnson, the Bridgemaster and John Rees from COWI, the partner responsible for the engineering maintenance.

For more details and future events: Click Here!


June 1, 2019 - Next Month! 

After the success of the first and second U.S. conference in 2017 and 2018, IABSE US NG, brings Future of Design to New York City for the third time on June 1. Join this event dedicated to creative collaborations in architecture, engineering, construction and beyond.

Read more: Click Here!

Belgium and
The Netherlands

June 13, 2019

Structural Engineers Seminar

A Seminar will be held at Witteveen+Bos, Stationsweg 5, 4811 AX Breda, which will have a selection of the Dutch and Belgian contributions to the IABSE Nantes symposium and the IABSE conference in Copenhagen, last year. The seminar shall consist of presentations as on the following topics: structures and architecture, land mark bridges, buckling instability, hybrid structures, robustness, reliability, existing bridges and renovation, proof load testing, strengthening and fatigue.

Read full program and Register: Click Here!


April 25, 2019

Danish Structural Award 2018

The Danish group of IABSE is proud to announce the winner of the Danish Structural Award 2018: The Railway Bridge "TP30" located south of Copenhagen. The railway bridge "TP30" receives the award in recognition of it providing a logical solution to a set of very complex requirements and constraints. The award was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Group of IABSE held on 25 April. Involved parties were, Owner: Banedanmark (The Danish Rail Authorities); Contractors: CG Jensen and Barslund¸ Engineer: ISC Consulting Engineers; Architect: Krilov.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


April 25, 2019

Lecture in Madrid Engineering + Art + Architecture

Video (Glimpses):
Click Here!

The Spanish Group of IABSE organised a Lecture by William Baker, Mark Sarkisian, Skidmore, Owing & Merill (SOM) LLP in the University CEU San Pablo on above topic, the SOM approach to design (three main attributes in their buildings: simplicity, structural clarity, and sustainability); their aesthetic and technical values and how they research to explore new structural concepts that can lead to new architecture. There were 250 participants.

Read Full Report: Click Here!

April 10 - May 8, 2019

Exhibition at Railway Station!

The Spanish Group of IABSE has organized, in collaboration with several others exhibition, “The resistant act and its poetics. Contemporary Spanish Engineering (1964-2014)” at the train station in Ciudad Real (more info). This exhibition offers a visual landscape that invites to a photographic experience of the most representative works of Spanish structural engineering for the last 50 years and proved to be an effective way to promote interest in structural engineering.

Read Full Report: Click Here!


April 4, 2019

Plaque Commemoration

The plaque commemorating Western University’s Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory (BLWTL) as a Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE)/American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark was unveiled during a public ceremony at Western’s Amit Chakma Engineering Building on April 4, 2019, which was attended by Michael Bartlett, Canadian IABSE NG Chair and several other IABSE Members.

New York Meet (September): Mike Bartlett would like to inform members that preliminary planning is underway for a social event for Canadian members of IABSE, and their guests, at the New York Congress in September. For further details, please contact Michael Bartlett, f.m.bartlett@uwo.ca.


2019 Calendar of Activities: Click Here!

Please report on news from your country by month end for inclusion in next month’s Newsletter, website, Social Media and SEI. We shall update this Calendar based on your new activities planned regularly. We are happy to promote and assist you in your activities! Write to: bose@iabse.org and firat@iabse.org

Members News

As IABSE activities and membership is growing in the recent years, we want you to be a part in the re-writing of IABSE’s history! Invite your friends and colleagues to join us at IABSE and be part of our new Task Groups, discussion groups. Also, by registering in IABSE Congresses, and spreading the word to your colleagues you can make an impact and support IABSE. We hope that you have or are planning to register for IABSE Congress New York 2019 soon, and we hope to see you in IABSE’s 2nd Bridge Workshop in Mexico as well as in New York and celebrate IABSE’s 90th Anniversary together!

Congratulations to Robert M. Brooks – Winner for the IABSE 90 Days to 90 Years draw!

We’re pleased to inform you that
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Robert Mark Brooks the winner for the IABSE 90 Days to 90 Years referral campaign has recruited 30 new IABSE members for 2019. His prize is FREE registration for IABSE Congress in New York this September 2019. Dr. Robert Brooks is an IABSE member since 2015 and has constantly recommended IABSE to his friends and colleagues. He is an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Temple University. His research area lies in the evaluation and testing of solids and CE materials, and Pavement Design. Dr. Brooks is also the winner of the American Society for Engineering Education's National Outstanding Teaching Award 2015. Dr. Brooks is a Fellow of the American Society for Civil Engineers. He is the winner of the Temple University College of Engineering Teacher of the Year-2008 Award and Distinguished Teacher of the American Society for Engineering Education-Middle Atlantic Section-2013 Award. He is a reviewer of American Society for Civil Engineers Journal of Materials.

General Call for Members - News!

IABSE Members are welcome to send us information about any recent achievement (individual or your company/university) and we try to shall feature you or your company here. Become more engaged with IABSE and share with all members the ‘Big News’! contact B. Bose at bose@iabse.org

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