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Vote Your Main Street!

Your vote puts Las Vegas in the running for a share of $2 million in funding for preservation projects.

We're very, very close to the top - your vote helps keep us there!

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 Help support Northern New Mexico Artists with the 5th Annual New Mexico Painter's Exhibition

The NMHU Foundation is seeking funding to sponsor its 5th Annual New Mexico Painter's Exhibition, with the mission of expanding awareness and access to significant works by NM artists in Northern NM and to provide one of the only venues for group exhibitions of established and emerging NM painters.

Our campaign will be starting soon - if you're interested in finding out more about this unique program that supports both NMHU Art students and the Northern New Mexico Community, click here!

Click here!

Join NMHU Faculty and students in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador this January.

Only four spots available - contact Dr. Jesus Rivas at rivas@nmhu.edu for all the details!

Be a Cowboy Host!

Do you love to stay in touch with your fellow Cowboys?

We’re looking for hosts for networking events! It can be in your home, your place of business, or a public venue, and the Alumni Office will provide support.  Interested? Contact us at alumni@nmhu.edu today!

Support your Cowboys, at home and on the road!
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NMHU Career Services
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Commencement Traditions!

Our Highlands Family is all about tradition.

What stands out as the most memorable thing about your graduation at Highlands?

Please share your favorite commencement ceremony tradition with us.

Our 2018 graduates want to know! Email us at jesalman@nmhu.edu so we can keep the traditions alive!

Have any Highlands Memorabilia?

Clearing things out?  Making space in a move? We'd love to talk to you about any Highlands related memorabilia you have!

Have an old Highlands annual that you’d like to donate? Our alumni office will gratefully accept yearbooks, old pennents, and other ephemera.

Email us at jesalman@nmhu.edu so we can find those memories a new home!






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