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Newsletter | September 2018

Ribbon Trial

Each year we hold a ribbon trial which is open to competition by both our own and other obedience club members. We encourage all our members to enter as there are competitions to suit all levels - it's great experience and it's your opportunity to be critiqued by recognised judges. It's also inspiring to watch competing senior handlers and their dogs to see what can be achieved with hard work.

This year our Ribbon trial will be held on Saturday 8 September. Click here for more information.

Dogs & Wildlife Talk

As dog owners we are all keen walkers however information can be patchy about where wildlife is found and what the risks are when dogs encounter these.

Laura Boren, a Department of Conservation marine species experts (also a dog owner) will be attending our club to talk to us about how we can protect our native coastal species in the Wellington area and educate us as dog owners about sharing the beaches with native wildlife such a penguins and seals.

Laura has written for NZ Dog World Magazine in the past and wrote this blog on the subject earlier this year: 

This talk is open to not just club members - so please bring a friend along who may also be interested in learning more. 

When: Wed, 26 September, 8pm
Where: Club Grounds, Alexandra Road

Course Schedules & Gradng

Good luck to all those who will be undergoing grading assessment on Sunday 16 September. If you can't make it let us know and we can arrange grading at an alternative date/time.

Our next term will start on Sunday 23 September. To make it less hectic on our registration desk, and so we have a good idea of numbers in advance, we encourage you to re-register online - even if you note it is subject to a pass.

Class times next term will be:

Puppies: 10am
Grade 1 small/medium/large: 10am
Grade 2: 11am
Grade 3/4 +: 11am
Grade 5+: 9am *

* As our senior class is experiencing record numbers and if 9am is too early for you (?!) grade 5+ are welcome to join the 11am grade 3/4 class. Appropriate exercises to your grade will be given.

course registration


Hopefully you have noticed some of our recent improvements - new entry gates are in progress. 

If you have suggestions of further changes you'd like to see feel free to have a chat to a committee member who can raise it on your behalf at our next committee meeting. The easiest committee members to identify are probably those who are also trainers - Margaret, Gail, Sandy & Nicky. Alternatively, click here to email us.

Remaining committee meeting dates for 2018 are:
16 September
21 October
18 November
16 December

Constitution Review

It has been 10 years since our constitution was last reviewed and it is on our agenda to do so again this year with any changes to be presented to and agreed by members at our Annual General Meeting in 2019.

Click here to view our current constitution and email us with any suggestions for change.

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