IABSE Newsletter 2017/10

IABSE Newsletter 2017/10

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The huge growth in urban development, fuelled by dramatic economic development and fundamental changes to socio-economic structures and norms across the developing world, have left society and the required infrastructures with enormous challenges. As structural and civil engineers, we are at the forefront of overcoming these obstacles and shaping the world that will evolve over the next century.

Organised by the Malaysian Group of IABSE, we invite you to join us in Kuala Lumpur next April to share your experiences and your vision of the future.


Keynote Speakers

David A. Nethercot, UK
Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, Imperial College London

Mike Schlaich, Germany
Professor, Chair of Conceptual and Structural Design at the Technische Universität Berlin, Managing Director at Schlaich Bergermann Partner

Datuk Ir Hj Ismail Bin Md Salleh, Malaysia
Director General, Malaysian Highway Authority

Congzhen Xiao, China
Deputy Chief Engineer, China Academy of Building Research

Dato’ Dr Ismail Mohamed Taib, Malaysia
Former Managing Director of Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bh

Ming Thein, Malaysia
Commercial and Industrial Photographer

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Latest News


IABSE Vancouver a success:
see the first photos online..

IABSE Kuala Lumpur 2018
Keynote Speakers confirmed

New - Call for Papers:
‘Engineering the Past to Meet the Needs of the Future’IABSE Copenhagen 2018

Important Dates

IABSE Kuala Lumpur 2018
‘Engineering the Developing World' 
April 25-27, 2018

IABSE Nantes 2018
‘Tomorrow's Megastructures'
Deadline Call for Abstracts:

IABSE Copenhagen 2018
‘Engineering the Past to Meet the Needs of the Future'
June 25-27, 2018

IABSE Guimaraes 2019
‘Towards a Resilient Built Environment Risk and Asset Management'
March 27-29, 2019

IABSE New York 2019
‘The Evolving Metropolis'
Save the date:
March 27-29, 2019

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United Kingdom

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NEW: IABSE Conference Copenhagen 2018
'Engineering the Past to Meet the Needs of the Future'
June 25-27, 2018
Call for Papers by November 20, 2017 (no extension)

The Danish Group of IABSE invites you to Denmark, to share your experience within operation and maintenance of bridges and other civil engineering structures. Management of bridges and civil engineering structures involves significant expenditures, and at a time of constrained public resources, it requires difficult decisions to prioritise for operation and maintenance.

Every day engineers, researchers and public and private agencies strive to make decisions, which are efficient with due respect of reliability, availability, safety, health, economy and environmental aspects. Latest advances in technology and experience from operation and maintenance of bridges and other civil engineering structures should be shared to enable engineers, researchers and public and private agencies to plan ahead.

Authors are invited to submit a short abstract online to the conference themes and topics by November 20, 2017.

  •    Management
  •    Inspection and maintenance
  •    Safety

More information: www.iabse.org/Copenhagen2018

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National Groups can download their logos from their webpage on the IABSE website here.

ISDAC 2017

IABSE Vancouver Symposium 2018:
Over 800 Participants Joined!

The 39th IABSE Symposium in Vancouver ‘Engineering the Future’ was successfully held from September 21-23, 2017. It provided a high quality professional environment for the international structural engineering community to meet, discuss, and learn. The pre-conference workshops, keynote speakers, and diverse presentations were excellent. The symposium attracted over 800 participants and had a strong international and local participation including many young engineers. Over three days, 450 papers were presented in 62 technical sessions, 2 poster sessions with short presentations, and 10 special sessions by technical organisations and commissions of IABSE. They were presented in various formats by an impressive roster of keynote presenters, panelists, and industry stakeholders representing design, research, construction, and socio-economic and political aspects of structural engineering. Two young engineers Colin van Niejenhuis, Canada, and to Travis Thonstad, USA, won the Outstanding Young Engineer Contribution Award with a money prize of each 2000 Swiss Francs.

See the first photos online..

Annual Meetings 2017

Left to right: Ch. Cremona, C. Mendez-Galindo, S. Nakamura, L. Sun

The Annual Meetings of IABSE were held prior to the Vancouver Symposium, from September 19–20, 2017, around 130 Committee members and accompanying persons attended. At its meeting, the Permanent Committee (PermC) re-elected Vice Presidents Joseph Tortorella, USA, and Yun-Moo Koh, South Korea, for their second term. Four new Vice Presidents were elected for their first term: Christian Cremona, France; Carlos Mendez-Galindo, Mexico; Shunichi Nakamura, Japan; and Limin Sun, China. Furthermore, the PermC approved the 2016 IABSE Annual Accounts, the Budget 2018, and accepted the proposed revision of the By-Laws adapting to the re-organisation of the Technical Committee. This will streamline the technical activities of the association and allow flexibility for experts even outside the structural engineering profession to contribute to the technical activities of IABSE, more..

News from National Groups

United Kingdom - The 11th Future of Design Conference took place on September 15 at Imperial College London, an event aimed and inspiring young engineers and promoting good design. The familiar format was adopted featuring a core programme of keynote speakers and young designers pitching their work to the audience. Knight Architect’s Tom Osborne warmed up the audience with an the opening address before chairing the first session, more..

Save the date: April 20, 2018
FOD Edinburgh, Scotland

Spain - The ‘Practische Studie’ Association of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology and the Spanish Group of IABSE organised a technical and cultural visit to Spain. It was held in July 2017, and about 45 students and professors from TU Delft University visited the cities of Bilbao, Madrid, Salamanca, and San Sebastian, their more important and interesting structures and their culture. 'Practische Studie’, first got in touch with IABSE two years ago. It was due to a small visit to Switzerland, more..

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News from Members

Ian Firth current Chair of the IABSE British Group, is to be made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in recognition of the ‘enormous contribution’ he has made to architecture. Ian was nominated by Martin Knight, founder of Knight Architects, and endorsed by RIBA’s Honours Committee, more..

The CIB Board appointed Richard Tremblay the new President of CIB for the remainder of the 2016-2019 term. Richard Tremblay is the General Manager of the Construction portfolio at the National Research Council (NRC) in Canada. Read the article here..

Editorial Boards

SEI Correspondents Meeting participants. Left to right: H.K. Kim (Korea), X. Jian (China), M.G. Bruschi (USA), D. Smith (UK), M.K. Braestrup (Denmark), N.P.Hoej (Switzerland), G. Morgenthal (Vice-Chair, SEI EditB.), B. Bose (Publ.Mgr), S.Nakamura (Japan), T. Yamaguchi (SEI EditB.), S.E.Jakobsen (Norway), J. Jiang (Canada), A. Lubell (SEI EditB., not in this photo).

The Editorial Boards of SEI Journal and IABSE Bulletins met in Vancouver on September 19-20, to discuss current and future issues. SEI Editorial Board Vice-Chair, G. Morgenthal urged each Correspondent to try to get good papers for SEI on recent structural engineering projects and cutting edge research papers from their countries. The IABSE Bulletin Board discussed various proposals submitted by IABSE’s Working Commissions and Working Groups, and accepted for publication another upcoming SED on Construction History. Watch out for our new publications announcement this year!

IABSE Bulletin Board, Left to right: H.H. Snijder, M.K. Braestrup, D. Laefer (Vice-Chair), R. Mor, B. Corneliu, Y. Xia (Guest), M.G. Bruschi, N.P. Hoej, B. Bose (Publ. Mgr).

Have you read this SED?

Structural engineers currently have a bewildering array of glass products and configurations to choose from and a wide range of normal and exceptional loading conditions to consider, but very few unified reference texts for undertaking these tasks. This book attempts to redress this issue by providing an overview of the recent developments in this field thereby providing a basis for the understanding of the structural performance and design of glass in buildings.

SED 10 Structural Use of Glass by Matthias Haldimann, Andreas Luible, Mauro Overend is primarly for structural engineers and researchers who have an interest in structural glass. It will be used by senior undergraduates, post-graduate students, researchers and practicing engineers.

Members can download the ePDF for free in the Members Area, here..

It is also available in the onlineshop

Co-Sponsored Events

International Conference on Structural Engineering Education without Borders

The skills required by structural engineer in the past were always well defined and remained mainly within the technical domain, however the situation has now changed. The modern structural engineer must be creative, communicative, and able to work with others in an international setting involving social and environmental issues. This means that a new type of education is needed. This conference will examine how the training of both engineers and architects has changed to face these new challenges. Call for Abstracts opened October 16, 2017, more..

2017 Berlin Footbridge Conference - A Brief Review

Every three years, the international leaders of footbridge design and research gather to discuss and celebrate the latest engineering and architectural accomplishments. This year, the 6th conference, Footbridge 2017, was hosted by the Technical University (TU) of Berlin in Germany, in a historic Siemens AEG factory building. Read the review by Jasmin Sadegh (Guy Nordenson and Associates) and Kenryo Takahashi (NEY & Partners), here..

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